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  1. Right, we are in mp rape meta kappa jk, I know that however my sink was at very good value so I could have many %res tries, didnt expect more than 3% tho Anyway im pretty happy with the result
  2. My first 5% fire res mage, im so happy! (I have 6 sink remaining tho hh)
  3. Sac Panda Eni Eca Good damage and survivability. Whoever says that eni is useless should be banned for spreading false informations. Eni is able to keep entire team alive and boost everyones AP by 2 on first turn. Not to mention DMG is great if built correctly. Cheers
  4. I'm the owner of this ring atm ;) GG to ur friend
  5. Bump, price reduced 4mk now
  6. Hello Guys! As title says, I am offering leeching service via F5 achiev. Price is 4mk per room. 4 Rooms in total. Q: Do I have to play during the leech or you are able to do the fight alone? A: Yeah, I do need your help. Atleast with killing one of the monsters or bosses (depending on room). Q: How long does it take? A: I usually need to repeat the fight 1-2 times because of diffrent placement each run. Keep in mind that it may take more than 2 (I guess up to 3 tries due to cancer placement). Each room should take (including running the dungeon itself) 30-40minutes. Q: Any discount If I want to leech multiple classes? A: Not really, because I am able to take only 1 leecher at once (makes the fight easier and gives me way more impact). Trust me, these fights are so hard to leech if you've got more than 1 person who doesn't know rotations. Q: What about the payment? How can I trust you? A: My tactic is simple. I take 50% of the payment before we start the fight in final room and 50% after. (List of scammers below :^) :^) :^) ) Requirements (just to make fight easier): *You cannot be naked :^) *Atleast 20% res *I want you to be focused during the fight, turn off your youtube videos etc. If you don't know rotations- I'll be pointing every cell. *Patience Please do not contact me if you are not accepting my conditions. I can start leeching after the 9th of may (uni is shit :^) jk ) Pm me here or in-game ~Shuko~
  7. Bought, can close! https://imgur.com/a/fajFW9Z
  8. Shuko


    Ayee hello there
  9. Hey bros, I am looking for Julith capes at 8.5m ea Need 6 atm Feel free to pm me Cheers
  10. [22:12] Achievement unlocked: [Ivory White] x 8 Special thanks to @Veldin for his clear guide. Took me about 1.5 week (including aligment quests, nimaltopia achiev and other). I have to admit, the questline is awesome and I did enjoy every single step (except for solo fights which I had to repeat 8 times :D ) <3
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