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  1. Shuko

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    I'm the owner of this ring atm ;) GG to ur friend
  2. Shuko

    The Fantastic Five leeching service

    Bump, price reduced 4mk now
  3. Hello Guys! As title says, I am offering leeching service via F5 achiev. Price is 4mk per room. 4 Rooms in total. Q: Do I have to play during the leech or you are able to do the fight alone? A: Yeah, I do need your help. Atleast with killing one of the monsters or bosses (depending on room). Q: How long does it take? A: I usually need to repeat the fight 1-2 times because of diffrent placement each run. Keep in mind that it may take more than 2 (I guess up to 3 tries due to cancer placement). Each room should take (including running the dungeon itself) 30-40minutes. Q: Any discount If I want to leech multiple classes? A: Not really, because I am able to take only 1 leecher at once (makes the fight easier and gives me way more impact). Trust me, these fights are so hard to leech if you've got more than 1 person who doesn't know rotations. Q: What about the payment? How can I trust you? A: My tactic is simple. I take 50% of the payment before we start the fight in final room and 50% after. (List of scammers below :^) :^) :^) ) Requirements (just to make fight easier): *You cannot be naked :^) *Atleast 20% res *I want you to be focused during the fight, turn off your youtube videos etc. If you don't know rotations- I'll be pointing every cell. *Patience Please do not contact me if you are not accepting my conditions. I can start leeching after the 9th of may (uni is shit :^) jk ) Pm me here or in-game ~Shuko~
  4. Shuko

    Buying Julith Cloaks

    Bought, can close! https://imgur.com/a/fajFW9Z
  5. Shuko


    Ayee hello there
  6. Hey bros, I am looking for Julith capes at 8.5m ea Need 6 atm Feel free to pm me Cheers
  7. Shuko

    Post your goals and achievements

    [22:12] Achievement unlocked: [Ivory White] x 8 Special thanks to @Veldin for his clear guide. Took me about 1.5 week (including aligment quests, nimaltopia achiev and other). I have to admit, the questline is awesome and I did enjoy every single step (except for solo fights which I had to repeat 8 times :D ) <3
  8. Shuko

    Atcham map fragments

    Close pls, bought everything
  9. Shuko

    Atcham map fragments

    Bumperin Looking for 3x part 6/8, 3x part 8/8 and 2x part 1/8 atm cheers
  10. Shuko

    Atcham map fragments

    Hey bros! I am buying atcham map fragments at 1.2mk each. Of course prices are negotiable. Parts needed: 1x part 2/8 3x part 1/8 3x part 6/8 3x part 8/8 Pm me in game (Shuko) or here via impsvillage. Cheers, ~Shuko~
  11. Shuko

    Random Screenshots

    Nice almanax :^)
  12. Shuko

    Dofus 2.45 Changelog

    Ah... thank you friends.. looks like they added max effect accumulation to shovel of judgement