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  1. Hi, selling Dream Fragments 3 kamas each. No negotiations for any offers, if interested PM me here or ingame Volcasaurus As for Dreams leeching, this doesn't mean grinding, but helping for a particular floor if you feel stuck (I'd use 3 of my chars). First, I'd need to check whether I'd be willing to do it, normally I wouldn't do it if I estimate several hours of tryharding. In case of 1-3 tries or a very quick success: 3m In case of 1-2 hours and some more tries: 5m (no worries, I wouldn't let hours go to waste juste to gain 2 more million)
  2. Update! Reduced prices a lot, everything is cheaper than market or village, the items are standard maged. Selling at [1,0] Fe-Cabrun
  3. I don't care about your opinion, I get to sell them even if rarely
  4. Hi, selling pretty much any legendary item. Currently I'd have about 90%, and some 3-4 times. If you're interested in any and I don't have it, it's probably sold out but in that case I can still reserve the next one I get for you. Including craft, mage (realistic stats only, no hard mages), NO negotiations, prices change only if I change it here myself. Ingame: Volcasaurus Jahash 120m Rykke Errel 80m Fallanster 48m Jhessica 37m Crocobur 34m Buhorado 75m Ganyméde 80m Mille Lieues 68m Dodge 35m Cul Botté 40m Bram Barbe-Monde 19m Trompe-la-Mort 39m Selling currently at [1,0] Fe-Cabrun
  5. 430m Ingame: just PM Elophant Otherwise PM Volcasaurus, or send a message here
  6. I'm pretty much in the same boat there. First thing I did in the game was to let my first char leech to 199 (also, XP needed has been halfed since, not to mention idols). Eventually though I made 3 more chars for a team, and bought the first relatively cheap sets with ogrines (thus real money) to save a lot of time. I don't like playing with only part of my spells, but also any non-endgame content seems pretty much dead (sadly), so it's the best way to start playing directly from level 200 due to state of servers. Nowaydays, once you found friends willing to help, you can XP 200 in half a day, or even some hours with XP modifiers, so it's quite a joke, but at the same time something that renders low level content even more dead. I never did any quests except for 3 Dofus questlines "at their prime" (Cloudy, Abyssal, Ivory) since doing that with a team was just a huge kama source. Otherwise you're in no obligation to quest if you don't like questing, unless you really want to maximize achievement score (which has no practical value). I think you perceive the limitations a bit too negatively. You're actually way more free what to do. There are 100% PvP-players that do nothing else other than spamming kolo or AvA. Others just spend their time maging or doing diverse trade for profit. A new feature are treasure hunts, briefly said a feature that includes the decor elements on maps, requiring you to find/identify these in several steps. You can then obtain tourmalines for example that sell very easily (abundant in crafts, such as pebbles). But anyway, the main point is that you can establish yourself by a lot of activities, clearly not being attached to quests. Of course the best is to have a circle of friends and/or a guild with a similar progression and motivation. As mentioned earlier, low level content is dead, probably on solo sever too (dates 1 year already). So indeed with Astrub you won't have luck, players just don't have any motivation to join if it's not for sheer good will and helpfulness x) Hence why I looked for a full XP leech directly. Even quests can be quite fun actually if you do them alongside friends and while a lot of people do them at the same time (such as directly at release), it adds sort of more excitement to it as you compete more or less in a rush.
  7. I started in about 2014. I only used a team until I finished the "official" PvM content, but I always cared a lot about synergies, or let's say that each class is exploited worthy of its potential (otherwise I wouldn't be satisfied). So I think it depends on the context. If let's say you play 100% on range with pushing and MP red, a Strength Ouginak is worthless, yes. But that's pretty much the case with any close range tank, it's not like Ouginak specifically is useless. Chance stays great for range, and many spells are very useful (unless you really try untouchable). In reverse, a Cra is similarly useless when playing 100% CC tanking. There's a channel named "Coldarra", a guy who is similarly bored like me in the game. He solo'd a lot of duns with a chance Ougi, even some that are completely CC-unfriendly (like Tal Kasha). As for Proto, Barbaric isn't actually limiting, just needs to use AP more efficiently (you use the 2 AP bow on all chars, so basically it's just a constant -2 AP, nothing more than that). Statue is nicely doable with a tank (including Ouginak), just locking and having a char that places the tank by 1 cell each time before the tank (= attracter) plays 1/2 turns (the possibilities are endless). So yeah, it often doesn't make a lot of sense that very few approaches are democratized x) Depends on difficulty. If you struggle it's always better to notice (or look up) exact ranges for example, enables an easier placement.
  8. Elio or Rogue had a way higher "power ceiling" than other classes, it's true that they bypassed the rest a lot, but only for dimensions, otherwise it was ok. Then again the blame can also go to a lot of classes being "useless", being leftovers from the original versions (especially Osa and Sadi that have a way higher ceiling now), which was limiting to begin with. Classes are way more balanced between each other in PvM post revamps and spell variants, so such problems wouldn't happen that easily today. We can't deny that new players have more or less no chance to find into the game in the long run with today's state of servers. I'd mention however that at least they organize seasonal servers (Temporis this year). They motivate a lot of older players to participate (rushing competition in all domains) and being at the same time the ideal possibility to jump in for new players (new server = high activity in all domains and all levels, and as characters can be transferred in the end to a regular server). The project seems to be paused for now, however for later editions there should be some exclusive rules to attract more players (XP/drop modifiers, fight changes etc).
  9. Whether you do 1, 10 or 50 attempts depends the most on your motivation and your habit with the dungeon (granted, some combos are certainly easier than others, but classes can never be equal when dungeons are different). Side note: There were quite a number of people choosing a certain composition not because of their conviction that it's the best, but because one or more Youtube videos existed so that they can copy a part of the fight turn by turn, often assuming afterwards that this composition is very good (or even needed) for the respective dungeon (which obviously is no reason at all^^). Often enough compositions were just seen as required because they were democratized by Youtube and copied. This has no real reference to its viability, however. Some ideas were democratized and copied only some weeks/months later. Of course, it makes no sense to assume that the respective classes were unplayable before just because it wasn't shared yet. Some months ago, I did a lot of Ilyzaelle runs. I won't explain the dungeon, but in any case, it's one of the only dungeons left in the game people still struggle with and Elio is often called "mandatory" for it. I was doing it with 3 achievements (constant 1st or 2nd attempt runs, no Elio) using 3 chars, 2 of which the set didn't even matter. At the same time, I saw some guys using the supposedly perfect composition (Panda, Elio, Iop + 1-2 others) and despite that doing dozens of tries dying. This relation just wouldn't make any sense if there were required classes as you explained it. The difference was that I learned all present spells and mechanics, adapting my spells and my approach to them. If one hasn't yet internalised an endgame dungeon, it doesn't make any difference whether he chooses an exotic compo, or the supposedly OP one (without copying videos, ofc). It might be implausible to only note me as an example, but it's enough to search a bit on Youtube. I think Quadro even Duo'd Ilyzaelle easily with Sacrier, a class that's supposedly trashtier in PvM. So yeah, that's why I still insist on the fact that required classes have always been an illusion (even if it's not your perception). The very only exceptions might be to Duo dimensions at their prime, which was nerfed to Trio. For invulnerabilities: You'd have to develop further, because I wouldn't know of any invulnerability for 200s in the game that requires a specific class. Klime, Nileza: pushing - the entirety of classes (besides Xélor) has pushing spells, not to mention release Count, Missiz: inducing a certain placement - independent of classes, even the ones without any placement can do it with simple manipulation Sylargh: kill a mob - no comment... Merkator pre-nerf: locking boss in CC for 1 turn + manipulating Cyclo on a precise cell, a mob with only 6 linear range - accessible for all classes Vortex, Catseye: without any relevance, the invuln disappears by itself, it's just to define the fight (won't continue with recent stuff that you probably don't know of, these are enough for examples) Going from here, you can of course say that "it's the only way to defeat them", but these are for the most part details that don't affect the rest a lot (you can still do any of these dungeons with diverse strategies even if the vulning is always the same, it's clearly not what defines the whole fight). To finish up, I don't intend to sound arrogant or anything like that. I understand well that many players don't have the time, the motivation or the interest needed to not perceive endgame content as a pure pain. Personally however, that's exactly what has me kept playing over the years, so basically you're blaming exactly what I was playing for and which is part of the essence of the game in my eyes, hence why I discuss a lot on it. I'm well aware that players in your case are in the majority, and even among the ones actually tryharding the content, a big amount just copies fights or pays dungeons runs. However, I don't think the content deserves the blame, it's simply an essential part of the game. Otherwise, with too little strategy, you don't dignify the term "tactical MMORPG".
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