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  1. I know stuff, but nobody would pay 1.5 billion for the ultimate shield x) (if you translate my current offer)
  2. My sales could never outspeed the amount I was generating
  3. Dream Reflections only 1 Kama per unit 20m Reflections or more at once: 20% reduction (for example 20m for 16m kamas) 60m Reflections or more at once: 30% reduction (for example 60m for 42m kamas) No negotiations unless you buy like way more (100m+) Ingame: Volcasaurus, or message here
  4. Hi, selling Dream Fragments 3 kamas each. No negotiations for any offers, if interested PM me here or ingame Volcasaurus As for Dreams leeching, this doesn't mean grinding, but helping for a particular floor if you feel stuck (I'd use 3 of my chars). First, I'd need to check whether I'd be willing to do it, normally I wouldn't do it if I estimate several hours of tryharding. In case of 1-3 tries or a very quick success: 3m In case of 1-2 hours and some more tries: 5m (no worries, I wouldn't let hours go to waste juste to gain 2 more million)
  5. Update! Reduced prices a lot, everything is cheaper than market or village, the items are standard maged. Selling at [1,0] Fe-Cabrun
  6. I don't care about your opinion, I get to sell them even if rarely
  7. Hi, selling pretty much any legendary item. Currently I'd have about 90%, and some 3-4 times. If you're interested in any and I don't have it, it's probably sold out but in that case I can still reserve the next one I get for you. Including craft, mage (realistic stats only, no hard mages), NO negotiations, prices change only if I change it here myself. Ingame: Volcasaurus Jahash 120m Rykke Errel 80m Fallanster 48m Jhessica 37m Crocobur 34m Buhorado 75m Ganyméde 80m Mille Lieues 68m Dodge 35m Cul Botté 40m Bram Barbe-Monde 19m Trompe-la-Mort 39m Selling currently at [1,0] Fe-Cabrun
  8. 430m Ingame: just PM Elophant Otherwise PM Volcasaurus, or send a message here
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