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  1. Edited for some price changes
  2. masik233

    Post your goals and achievements

    Playlist of all 200 dungeons solo with a Sadida (some among the easiest ones are missing, but not worth recording anyway)
  3. Ingame: Volcasaurus, mostly on at evenings (european / german time)
  4. masik233

    Post your goals and achievements

    The dofus didn't have this synergie before. 2.46, Ankama made a blind change, so that triggered effects can from now on trigger other triggered effects, but without considering the slightest consequence. Some examples of probs (there are probably a lot more) - Missiz Freeze triggered pushback chains - Lavasmith + Payo, Dakid - Dokoko vs Bashillus -> fight impossible to win
  5. masik233

    Buying Lavasmith Dofus

    done, to be closed
  6. paying 15m, ig: Volcasaurus
  7. I don't leech xp, sorry. Scammers: Neo-Shiro Chupacabre
  8. masik233

    Dofus 2.46 Changelog

    Idols will be changed fundamentally: their number, effects, synergies (source: Ask Ankama #0), so that's rather a rushed little update for first measures. Btw, I wouldn't be sure if the current state of idols stays like that after beta, there are still some very easy 300-400 score combos for farming, and especially for the new "score 200" achievements.
  9. Hey, I know that I already had a thread earlier, but since a lot has changed, I prefer to open a new topic. Note: For anything except Protoz'orror your knowledge, class or even set do not matter. In game: Volcasaurus Merkator Duo+Last+Mystic 2m Anerice Duo+Limpwrist+200 3m all Frigost 3 dungeons (Klime, Sylargh, Nileza, Missiz) Duo 3m or 4m with score 200 included Count Harebourg Duo 4m Dantinea Duo+Last+200 3m Meno Duo+Limpwrist+200 4m Koutoulou Duo+Limpwrist 4m Protoz'orror Duo 4m (NOTE: only leeching boss room for this one) Tal Kasha Duo+200 4m King Nidas Trio+First 3m Queen of Thieves Trio+Tight 4m Vortex Trio+Impertinence 7m Catseye Trio 3m or +Limp 4m
  10. masik233

    Post your goals and achievements

    my hardest fight since qot
  11. Why are bombs shown to have higher base damage as explosion than as wall?? The base damage is the same. The differences are that the wall is buffed by shields (% distance, melee, spell damages) and Dofuses (%final damage) whereas explosions are not, and always have an AoE reduction (90% on 1 range and 80% on 2 range).
  12. masik233

    Post your goals and achievements

    I confirm that positions on the map and vitality influence the placement of mobs (or at least, for example the cell on the diagonal where it will place itself, AI character stays always the same). For cowardly AI, once the mobs hit and have MP left there are normally two or even plenty of random options to where the mob will flee (I normally avoid as much as possible that this happens if I do a fight turn by turn). Concerning Count when vulned, don't try to understand the big mess of his code. On his turn 5, there were indeed like 7 or 8 different behaviors I could notice, normally focusing bombs instead of summon or Rogue (which is abnormal), using sometimes 0 MP, 4 MP, hitting once with his linear spell, twice or not doing it at all, etc. At least, for any, the "real" Count was always on the same position (not the same for all variants, but the the same for each variant)
  13. masik233

    Dofus 2.45 Changelog

    The 2 MP buffs + special effects for each mob apply only if you end your turn without having at least 1 mob in a range of 6 around you. To prevent the dead mobs from playing, you need a special spell obtained by a new quest, it's 3 AP and CC only. It's a piece of cake with a well-geared team and a more CC strat. It's a good change to, for once, prevent 508 farming.

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