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  1. Hi, some notes. You don't need to know well about the bosses, I'd figure out simple turns depending on your class. Depending on the placement you should have decent sets (nothing too specific). Probably takes some tries as I'm starting out. Current price: 15m Update: 20m, got a lot of resquests
  2. I know stuff, but nobody would pay 1.5 billion for the ultimate shield x) (if you translate my current offer)
  3. My sales could never outspeed the amount I was generating
  4. Dream Reflections only 1 Kama per unit 20m Reflections or more at once: 20% reduction (for example 20m for 16m kamas) 60m Reflections or more at once: 30% reduction (for example 60m for 42m kamas) No negotiations unless you buy like way more (100m+) Ingame: Volcasaurus, or message here
  5. Hi, selling Dream Fragments 3 kamas each. No negotiations for any offers, if interested PM me here or ingame Volcasaurus As for Dreams leeching, this doesn't mean grinding, but helping for a particular floor if you feel stuck (I'd use 3 of my chars). First, I'd need to check whether I'd be willing to do it, normally I wouldn't do it if I estimate several hours of tryharding. In case of 1-3 tries or a very quick success: 3m In case of 1-2 hours and some more tries: 5m (no worries, I wouldn't let hours go to waste juste to gain 2
  6. Update! Reduced prices a lot, everything is cheaper than market or village, the items are standard maged. Selling at [1,0] Fe-Cabrun
  7. I don't care about your opinion, I get to sell them even if rarely
  8. Hi, selling pretty much any legendary item. Currently I'd have about 90%, and some 3-4 times. If you're interested in any and I don't have it, it's probably sold out but in that case I can still reserve the next one I get for you. Including craft, mage (realistic stats only, no hard mages), NO negotiations, prices change only if I change it here myself. Ingame: Volcasaurus Jahash 120m Rykke Errel 80m Fallanster 48m Jhessica 37m Crocobur 34m Buhorado 75m Ganyméde 80m Mille Lieues 68m Dodge 35m Cul Botté 40m B
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