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  1. masik233

    Post your goals and achievements

    Probably my last 2 Speed Runs for now
  2. Hi, buying a 44 crit dmg pet, paying 20m. In game PM Volcasaurus or Zenmaity.
  3. masik233

    Monster's Spell Bestiary

    Thanks a lot for the testing! Indeed, it's only the boss rooms where the details interested me, so I never bothered to confirm the values for the lower levels.
  4. The state is not necessarily reset, only for certain mobs. Case 1: Rokrusher, Gobbosses or Beardrammer: The state is indeed reset as their state determines the power of their ordinary spells, as well as effects. Rokrusher: increases value of AP red Gobbosses: causes Pacifist in state 3 Beardrammer: increases damage only (general stuff: he also erodes 40%. He can attract himself on 6 linear range while gaining 20% of his HP as shield. Case 2: Tankanvils, Warmonbeer and Dazak: The state stays the same if they hit a character. Instead, they reset their state automatically once at 3 to use a special spell. Tankanvils: you mentioned it, the CC teleport Warmonbeer: -100 MP for 1 turn on all chars. (general stuff: his states buff his range, he can cast gravity linearly) Dazak: you mentioned it, he removes the state to buff 3 MP and 150% damage (which is actually the same as he has anyway due to the buffs of state 3). Thus, 2 turns out of 5 is the max of turns possible to reduce his res. _____ Everything is based on memory, so don't be 100% certain You're welcome
  5. masik233

    Monster's Spell Bestiary

    The spell has 2 components: The erosion damage, as you mentioned, but also fixed 500 damage, as you can look up.
  6. masik233

    Monster's Spell Bestiary

    The "800 power rule" is something I supposed starting some months ago, and since then I could confirm it over and over again, with easily dozens of different monsters (as I still did solos). QoT is really the only exception I know of, or some spells that are unaffected by characteristics like Vortex' "All in Good Time" spell.
  7. masik233

    Monster's Spell Bestiary

    In fact, the CC of that spell is bizarre, I feel like it has a special mechanic but I wouldn't know more than that. Or maybe, it's just a mistake and it's actually 30 instead of 15 per component. She can't have more power since the non-crit is correct.
  8. masik233

    Monster's Spell Bestiary

    http://dofensive.com/en (In case you don't know, any Lvl 200+ monster, boss or summon in the game has 800 power and nothing else as offensive stat, so you can also easily get their damage range by always calculating base dmg * 9) Fansites as Dofuspourlesnoobs are very shaky with monsters and mechanics
  9. Edited for some price changes
  10. masik233

    Post your goals and achievements

    Playlist of all 200 dungeons solo with a Sadida (some among the easiest ones are missing, but not worth recording anyway)
  11. Ingame: Volcasaurus, mostly on at evenings (european / german time)
  12. masik233

    Post your goals and achievements

    The dofus didn't have this synergie before. 2.46, Ankama made a blind change, so that triggered effects can from now on trigger other triggered effects, but without considering the slightest consequence. Some examples of probs (there are probably a lot more) - Missiz Freeze triggered pushback chains - Lavasmith + Payo, Dakid - Dokoko vs Bashillus -> fight impossible to win
  13. masik233

    Buying Lavasmith Dofus

    done, to be closed
  14. paying 15m, ig: Volcasaurus
  15. I don't leech xp, sorry. Scammers: Neo-Shiro Chupacabre