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  1. TheFook

    Post your "owning" pictures here!

    Where dem atcham sabres at?!
  2. Also the boots will mainly be in interest by pvpers, most of them will pay even less due to 11/12mp res and 19/20 air damage. 35 tops
  3. TheFook

    selling julith cloaks

    I offer 22,4 each only 30% off. Have a nice day
  4. TheFook

    Post your goals and achievements

    Also go to my profile and hit that follow button to never miss any of my dank contributions!
  5. TheFook

    Perma Ban Scam (echo)

    Sorry, earning kamas thru mining is hard with all the bots going on
  6. TheFook

    HACKED ACC [John-fookin-Shelby]

    Thats what u get for having a ripoff off of my name! Nah sorry to hear that, that shit sucks.
  7. TheFook

    S> Ivory 95m

    Sold, can close
  8. TheFook

    S> Ivory 95m

    No major survivor pls
  9. TheFook

    S> Ivory 95m

    ^ title pm Thefook, else merch will be at village marketplace spots
  10. if only this was a shitpost, would be 10/10
  11. TheFook

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    11/15 filzpunkten, crush please
  12. TheFook

    Post your goals and achievements

    This Sicilian-Dragon guy held me down, shits heavy...