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    MIA somewhere in Rushu
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    Cooking meth on the weekend and long walks along the gates of Hell

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    Xis-Is, Xemnas,El-Isis,Naughty-anjulica, Ex-Isis, Saix, Meme-God

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    Cheap Meth

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  1. Meme-God

    B> Aspen Sap or Aspen Log

    I'm looking to buy an Aspen log or sap msg me on imps at anytime as I'm not online in game a whole lot, I am paying around 5m for one or the other
  2. Meme-God


    Jokes on you its already maxed
  3. Meme-God

    Headhunter Event! Server-Wide Contest!

    I like trains also I want to be added to the wanted list
  4. Meme-God

    B> Vulb dofus

  5. Meme-God

    B> Vulb dofus

  6. Meme-God

    B> Vulb dofus

  7. Meme-God

    B> Vulb dofus

    i am buying a vulb dofus 18;00~ dofus time is best time to message me in game or anytime on imps i am paying around 280m~ pm Meme-god
  8. After playing on the echo server for a few days i feel we should of just kept it as rushu new name sucks imo.
  9. Meme-God

    Post your "owning" pictures here!

    no need to report he cant beat a 198
  10. Meme-God

    weapon nerf/revamp in english!

    10/10 list ima have to get all these weapons now Q.Q
  11. Meme-God

    b> vulbis

    Aye I got your fix
  12. Meme-God

    Important questions

    ayy thats my cra i feel important

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