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  1. Hopefully Dofus Touch stuff is alright, here. I'm not seeing a specific section for Touch content. Anyway, how can I get an Armoured Dragoturkey in Dofus Touch? The website says it's through Godfather's Fortunes, but I can't for the life of me find anything about that on the website.
  2. Sacrier, what have they done to you...? :( I liked getting stronger by getting hit. This is just bland form-changing, mixed with spells that assume you have HP to spare when you don't. D:
  3. Lotsa tricks available, able to handle all sorts of situations, fill various roles in a team... Primary roles, I figure, are healing, positioning, and damage. Originally, I was looking at Sadida (whose whole Tree thing I find awesome, though I don't know how it holds up at higher levels), Foggernaut, Eliatrope, and the new Huppermage. The last two in particular are quite alien to me, as I've been away for quite a while. Could someone more experienced than myself weigh in, please? Also, if Eliatrope or Huppermage are recommended, how do they do with an omni build? Is that worthwhile, or is there not enough variation among their spells to warrant splitting their stat focus?
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