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  1. CraftingWerks Dofus

    How about you start with doing some proper mages for your own sets before charging others for maging theirs, just some friendly advice )))
  2. Just making this post to make people aware that Alpha, also known as Ogivol, is back to scamming (if he ever took a break from it) under the new names being French-Potato, Spanish-Potato etc. He was in Platinum under the name French-Potato for a while but we didn't find out it was him untill recently. The person he scammed on Dark Vlad before (Rising-Madness) started to think it was him and it all made sense after a while. He's now kicked from Platinum and his next target is some guild in the Cult alliance apparently. These are the three characters we are aware of right now being played by Alpha/Ogivol. [13:38] Yougotrektby (French-Potato) is in Bonta on the server Echo. Guild Ephemeral, alliance [Cult] [13:38] Potatoesforeverrock (Italian-Potato) is in unknown area on the server Echo. Guild Ephemeral, alliance [Cult] [13:38] yougotrektedbypotato (Spanish-Potato) is in unknown area on the server Echo. Guild Ephemeral, alliance [Cult] What he did in Platinum is saying he got scammed and asking for people their items so he could "run dungeons to regear" as well as asking for advice on how to make kamas as quick as possible and what pvm teams he should create to farm kamas etc. I'll leave screens below to proof that it's actually him.
  3. Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    You do realise you still had 6 sink left right?
  4. Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    Please never again
  5. Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    Didnt even give me credits for vit om/summon belt you cheeky cunt???

    Better luck next year? :7

    I only pissed on the cable not on the earbuds k ty

    P.S. I still use the same earphones so no need to piss on them while drunk again

    Hi can you vote Tezar #3 I pay 3mk just click link and fill in logs. Pornhub.com ty
  10. let me join ur guild pls boss

  11. Post your goals and achievements

    Proving once again that Platinum is a PvM guild, some of the most amazing PvM I've ever experienced and very proud of this teamwork!!!
  12. Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    So yeah this just happened... didn't land but my god still worth posting here, if only ;-;
  13. Maltese(-Killer) Rushu

    I understand that you are upset that this has kind of turned into a "hate Gary" post, but the fact that he gave back the hat doesn't mean Gary is all on good terms again. If you want some more explanation of why Gary was kicked and some screens of what he said on skype after he got kicked you're more than welcome, and I'm fairly sure there's barely a possibility of you supporting him anymore after you've seen/heard why he has been kicked. I personally also think that being from an older generation of Dofus players should not give him some sort of immunity for doing things that are just entirely wrong. He should, in my eyes, be treated as anyone else in this game would.
  14. Maltese(-Killer) Rushu

    Thank you for replying on behalf of Blank and thank you for helping Rising-Madness out here. Hopefully you guys will sort it out and everyone can be peaceful again. Gary indeed is a guy you love but sometimes just does the wrong things and sadly he did one too many of those bad things. Once again hopefully you lot will sort it out with eachother and hopefully this won't change anything between the respect from both sides between Blank and Platinum. And yes very sad indeed but sadly things went this way.