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  1. sell or trade wild fertile rhin male(crimson /ebony) for any wild rhin female dosnt matter if fertile
  2. iwas mistaken i forgot to mention my wild male ebony
  3. hey all im looking for trust worthy player from echo server who has a wild female rhinteel to mate with my wild male ebony rhin pm me in game Mwozai ( Seven guild )
  4. hey guys was wondering how long does a rhin take to get affected by breeding items (ex: using a breeding item with +200 effects in how many mins/hours he gets that 200 effect)
  5. sell ice dofus 27mk pm mwozai
  6. mwozai


    hmmm what quests shld be done to be able to drop orichors ???
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      Happy birthday, Bri! ❤️
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    • Kaevex  »  Cappy-san

      Hey Cappy! You might not remember me but we used to hang out and talk on Dofus!
      Do you have a way for me to contact you? Would love to talk again and see what you've been doing all these years. Was reminiscing and the nostalgia hit me hard, so yeah.
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      fight me?
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    • Goatee

      Help, I'm thinking of playing Dofus again casually. Someone remind me of their terrible cash-grabbing marketing, tendency to change spells every week or so and refusal to listen to the non-French community. Or else I'll replace my prescription glasses with these nostalgia googles.
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