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  1. Hi GUYS ! omg omg :3 Probably as me, you're interested in starting to play in Eratz or you're already there a low level ! - 1.29 like we used to do it 8-9 years ago. <3 Remember the nostalgia? maybe you want to raise your Enu's army. I've been able to achieve some important kamas and lvl and I'm currently farming Black Rat. I remember that in the past I was not so good at lvling and didn't receive assistance at all from the ones who were farming the dungeon. Here's how my ocra is ATM: Wanna check stats? Summary Feudala +1PA , Rags +1Pa, Amulet +1Pm, Belt +1Pa , Crimson Dofus 48% damage. Gelly's Hat, Turqoise 20 CC. 48 CC Hits for 1/2 all spell (Explosive wohoo) 13 AP / 6 PM --- 1st turn Powerfull Shooting + Bow Skill. If you're interested in lvling up with me or need something, any doubt or inquiry., send me a PM to my facebook https://www.facebook.com/william.s.marin. or my WhatsApp +57 3024279377 (saying hi this is XXX from Impsvillage) PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT I ONLY PLAY ON WEEKENDS - COLOMBIA TIME ZONE - $$ I WANT IT ! HOW MUCH $$ ? :D I only charge 5kk per character per dungeon AT THE END OF THE DUNGEON (100% REAL), so I can continue working on this and help others to raise their characters and raise better my own cra. Some people that don't have kamas, have asked me if it's possible to pay me real money to level them, please the ones who are really interested in this type of service, Private Message me, I'm willing to help you first and then you can pay me (so no RISK 100% real, I also accept tips, everything is welcome) (I don't have PayPal, in my country is really hard to use it) KAMA FEE IF YOU WANT TO RAISE YOUR CHARACTES / ALTS - 1MK = 3 USD = 1MK // 500KK = 1.5 USD // Western Union Only (At the moment ;( ) 1 Dungeon run per character 5kk. 10 D runs 45kk. 20 D runs 80kk. IF THIS GOES AGAINST ANY RULE PLEASE LET ME KNOW AND I'LL REMOVE IMMEDIATELY THIS SERVICE FROM THE FORUM. THANK YOU !! <3 If you're planning to raise a full armY of enus like 5 enus and 1 cra, let me know and we can discuss some prices. LASTLY, I ALSO SELL BLACK RAT DUNGEON SOUL STONES 35KK EACH [-4,0] AND HELP YOU OPENING THEM IN ARENA FOR 3KK EACH. THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT TO ALL THE CUSTOMERS SO FAR ! HERE GOES AN EXTRA BONUS: A SOLO TEST OF THE XP SERVICE WHILE DOING KAMAS IN DOFUS 2.42 AT THE SAME TIME
  2. 1.29 Kamas advice, diamond farming, Lvling

    Hellow Folks, It's been really hard for me, But I've finally decided to leave 2.34 and go to 1.29 from 0. I've already have some kamas there cuz I moved them with some "dealers" I have 2 ocres and 2 crimson dofus plus 1 year of P2P for both accounts, So I'll start with them from lvl 0. Here are my questions. What would be the best 2 CHARACTERS to farm kamas and lvl UP?. Also, What would be their builds? ( It does not have to be at the same time of course). But I'd like to be able to actually have the possibility to make both things when I want, like 3 hrs lvling, 3 hrs dropping. Also would be really nice that these classes and their builds were able to make some PVP. I remember Farming crackler dungeon was a really good income. I also remember that Black rat runs and Black Smith Dungeon was pretty good too.. And that,.. Having a RAT ""SADIDA"" was a good way to lvling your team in bonta or brakma, Such a good memories. I know that for pvp, Cras, Sacriers and Iops were really good... In 1.29 I remember that Smithmagi's market was REALLY GOOD ! So, What classes? What characters? What would you use as the best income? I don't want to lvl so fast, but to stay in 60-100 range to enjoy some good pvp and all that. I Know I'll have to start with some Professions.. I started in 1.23 But I forgot a lot of things since all these years Really thanks guys for answering ^^ BYE!