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  1. Love these ideas, leeching is certainly a problem in this game and it needs to be corrected. The star system in my opinion though has too many faults and with the proposed changes I can already see two teams of 4 controlling it very easily. On the other hand single players will be left to their own devices. I do think Monology summed up the issues well with wisdom and prospecting. Right now wisdom and pp sets offer no damage and only cater to leeching. If wisdom and prospecting were to be redone entirely, wisdom and pp should not be required to get xp or drops. Instead the challenges could be made more intuitive. Instead of getting random challenges that most times cannot be done, it could be revamped giving a good variety of challenges for each class and team composition while being...well a challenge. My biggest issue currently with these proposed changes is the effect it will have on markets. For example you need a drop near a zaap or in a zone with one. The negative percent can be a real problem if you need to farm a certain resource in that area. While this could be good for markets and create demand I get the feeling this system puts too much control in the hands of those who will just want to profit out of it excessively. I say this having a team of 4 myself so I'm trying to be unbiased here. As for the pets and petsmounts bonuses, I think its unnecessary for now. Will make it way harder to balance in combination with the infinite dungeons gear in my opinion. Already seeing a lot of classes with the right infinite gear reach legend rank because the gear+the class is too op. Some things just complement too well. They need to be wary of this issue. Personally eggs should be the only thing with these special effects. Since the infinite gear has been added, its just added onto the imbalance and I hope they fix it. Sorry for the novel. :3
  2. Aerafal


    Food Poster [12,24]
  3. Sorry to hear that thanks for the info, much appreciated!
  4. Its pretty sad that they changed it to mp bonus. But its still useable. Atleast the omni bow isnt nerfed...yet.
  5. After being paid handsomely, I came to the Trool fair to visit a friend and get a delicious lolipop. Yum! Nick: AetherAura IGN: Vastelord
  6. Came in as a piano player. Left as an assassin. Wheres the king?? Nick: AetherAura IGN: Vastelord
  7. Getting ores to make weapons of war! Nick: AetherAura IGN: Vastelord
  8. Meeting with Solars henchmen, there's evil afoot! Nick: AetherAura IGN: Vastelord
  9. - I like his tough demeanor. - He has nice sharp teeth. - I like his bracelets, very fashionable. - Such a pretty fac- What? I went too far? *Whispers* I have to say you are sexy too? *whispers* I was bribed before but I won't stand for this! This is disgracef- 8 zeroes you say? - He is so sexy. :3 Server: Echo IGN: Aerafal
  10. Just looking through old fights and saw this.
  11. I have a dora (lv 36 one) that's 60 str 60 int 1 ap. I doubt you could get more than 2mk for your gob hat, maybe less.
  12. Fair enough. So the reevaluation and the new eggs added are way too strong for low lvls. But did they have to screw over 150 pvp too? I guess in my personal opinion anyone strong enough to get the eggs deserves them. Lore wise yeah good point, but stat wise I've seen teams of 150's wipe the floor of hard questlines. So I'll argue against that. You say Ankama never meant to have "replays", then how come all eggs have been lvl 6 for 10+ years? They are literally screwing over anyone who restarts a team, any mid lvl pvp and basically making it 200 or nothing. Oh yes, I'll still pvp but it's going to be so pointless. Maybe I invested too much into low lvl pvp. But I know 5 friends who are quitting over this because overnight their gear went from worth 400-500m to near worthless. I only invested maybe 100m into low lvl pvp, but they are losing so much more than me. Ankama needs to lvl the eggs up sure but why to 160 Ochre/turq 180/everything else relevant? It's such a bad move. And it seems they will remove wing pvp next because alignment is now fully complete. Where does it stop? That's just my point of view on this.
  13. Lol never said I was god tier at pvp. Like I said before, fairer fights is a cool thing. But replay value just went to 0. Before I had eggs I was winning real pvp fights so might want to retract that statement. Never used them as a crutch. My sets took care of most of my needed stats, eggs just made the set better. Again never said I was better than anyone. (Did he read my post wrong and get triggered? Cmon coops) Everyone who has commented here is trying to be Mr. Politically correct, but can't even see the valid points I made. Such as Replayability/Differences in power post update/The backlash on Fr side on this/mid level pvp is taking a hit. Basically, the only pvp after this update will be 200 pvp and that sucks really bad. In my opinion, true pvp should be pvp with the dofuses. It's what the game is all about. Without eggs low lvl pvp isnt true dofus pvp. Lanturn I'm not butt hurt just stating my opinion. It was pretty funny to win vs 150's honestly and I can tell you it wasn't because I had eggs but the eggs did level the playing field. Most times it was because I was at the highest rating for lvl 60's and the poor lvl 150 was at the bottom of the rating, and so we meet. Usually, they aren't geared well or don't know their class. So that helps too. Any smart/well geared 150 would ko me in 1-2 turns. Having eggs was a huge boost honestly and I will miss it. But I'm not rage-quitting low lvl pvp. Just stating my position on this. If you got a problem with it then you can pm me in the game and we can discuss this more. But not gonna waste my time here responding to every Mr. politically correct.
  14. Yes, I helped Amarook & Damage-Dealerz thru turq quest, go ask them in game. You seem to be ignoring a huge part of low lvl pvp. Most people I fight have all eggs too. So it's really not that big of an advantage. And if they don't have good gear that is hardly my fault is it? My biggest problem with the change isn't the fact that low lvl pvp will be fairer. That's cool. My real issue is the difference in power between a level 100 and a lvl 180. Now certainly a lvl 180 should be stronger, but after this a lvl 100 is way weaker than before. This only feeds the leeching problem because now you gotta be 180 to use dank eggs. I commonly fight 150's in 1v1 kolo on my lvl 60 Ougi, after update my ougi has almost 0 chance of winning unless the 150-180 is afk. The game is meant to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace, not rushing to 200. Which is why low lvl pvp is so fun. I get it if you don't understand why low lvl pvp is so fun. But to me the game is grindy and annoying enough as is. When you get tired of fighting 200's with 30-40% res maybe then you'll understand how refreshing it is. Anyway, rant over, carry on.
  15. I'm so bad for being rich Riiiite. Look they all had the ability to get the eggs thru quests just like I did. Because I worked hard and got to such a boss level at low level, people complain instead of getting good. This is the result. A tragedy. You know how many French players low-level PVP? Sapeuh being only 1 of them. You should chk french forums and other fan sites and see how enraged people are. It's not just me. The whole game is catered to lv 200's (of which I have 3 geared). Can't low levels catch a break lol? I'm fine with Ivory being 200 or w/e but why change the others? Yeah, I enjoyed fighting poor nubs that don't have half the gear I got? So sue me? It's all fun and games anyway. Edit: Before I get torched at the cross I do help people a lot, including low levels. But when I want to blow off steam always nice to fight in rank PVP. Btw most people I fight are well geared enough. They aren't all noobs.
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