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  1. Frankietron

    Immortals is Recruiting

    Guild: Immortals Returning to Ilyzaelle after all the new changes? Us too! Come join us on Discord and join our guild. It is level 12 and I am buying a paddocks for it soon. I have a lvl 191 ouginak and lvl 191 pandawa and am willing to help people with xp, dungeons, quests, etc. All I am asking for is guild members who are social and want to talk to each other and do things together. Not just be antisocial loners :P. Again, join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/paPC5qe
  2. Planning on starting up again for the launch of the new MonoAccount Server, Ilyzaelle! Would love to group up with people from here on the server to do questing, dungeons, xp parties, professions, etc! Join our Discord if you're interested: https://discord.gg/F95nDPX