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  1. I haven't played since 2016 (I think?) and I am thinking about getting back into Dofus and I try the new PvE endgame stuff. My questions: What would be the "best" 4 (or 5) man team be for endgame dungeon farming? What elements are most common these days for those classes? How exactly does the new spell system work? Are omni-classes still a thing? (I remember having a pure % power based guy, seems hard to pull of now?) Are the huppermage and ouginak class any good or not worth the effort of leveling? I have all classes lv 200 (except for osa, huppermage and ouginak) spread around 8 accounts. I also have +/- 150mk and a couple of ap/mp exo's so should be able to get some decent gear.
  2. I need some help with new setups for my team. Just came back from a 1-year brake so i'm kinda out of the meta. I also have agi elio with a good set already. Need some help with my remaining 3 chars. No idea what builds are optimal at the moment. Class: Eni / Panda / Iop Build: Healer? / Supportive tanky? / Damage Kamas/time available: I'll worry about that later. Please keep the amount of exo's low if possible Lvl range: All 200 PvP or PvM oriented: PvM Extra info: Prefer 6mp on panda, 12ap on iop. Got a Ap exo brouncey ring and Ap exo bearbaric wedding ring (the agii/cha one), some crit dofusses. Good luck :D
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