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    Okay I'm still looking for an exact clarified answer. When going for overmaged vit on an item with ap on it. Is it better to mage the stats up until the ap falls,mage vit overmaged until sink is used, and then put the ap rune back on and hope for a critical success. Or is it better to lose the ap, put it back on hoping for a crit success, and then overmage the vit until the sink is gone. Does one improve the chance of the other?
  2. Class: Eni Build: Intel Kamas/time available: 120mk Current team Eni/Xelor/Cra/Sram/Cra/Mask Lvl range 200, final set. Extra comments: 11/6 can do and get any gear except atcham and the new dungeons. PvM
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