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  1. Ichor

    Post your "owning" pictures here!

    I know whisky will get mad at me :)
  2. Ichor

    Headhunter Event! Server-Wide Contest!

    I want to participate as headhunter IGN: Ichor-kr
  3. Ichor

    Rosal goult thread #1

    they won so easily O.o
  4. Ichor

    Recruting> Guild Black Sails

    Bump Another event made which sponsored by our dear friend in the guild (Ego). 14 question asked about Dofus and the reward of each question was 150kk. and one more amazing thing that I have seen was 16 people online out of 41 which amazed me. (without alts)
  5. Ichor

    Recruting> Guild Black Sails

    Bump we are level 98 It is been quite some time since we recruited for the guild and now we have a good number of active member in our guild. So I think it is a good time to introduce the first event for our guildies. How this game work: We will hide different items in different areas with the name of the crafter on it, so the first one to find the item will get his/her special reward. Note*: Different items has different rewards it will be announced on the guild announcement tab. Note**: The item should be signed by the crafter name who will pay the reward for the one to find it. Note***: The area which the item is hidden will be announced in the guild announcement tab. For example: a green piwi amulet is hidden in imps village, the one who find it first will be rewarded 500kk (this info will be announced in the guild announcement tab) we will try our best to keep it easy and fun. Winners of this event: http://imgur.com/a/mHH4f
  6. Ichor

    Taking EXO orders

    Second order done
  7. Ichor

    Recruting> Guild Black Sails

    you are most welcome :)
  8. Ichor

    Taking EXO orders

    First order done
  9. About Black Sails Firstly, guild black sails is a new guild in rosal, however, it was created in 2014 for kamas purposes but now the guild is recruiting and want to make a small community which has never experienced before. The guild is level 97 and it is created for those people who wants to stay wild and doesn't care about how tough their opponents are, we like to plunder and kill monsters, on the other hand, we also like to help our members and stay united. On Board Rules 1- Any member rejoin and leaving without a reason for the second time is regarded as a scout as well as an enemy. 2- We don’t care about the level of your char or quantity of the members in our guild, what we care about is the loyalty, trust, and just having fun together. 3- We don’t accept any of our members to get hurt or disrespected and anyone that fight against us or hurt any of our members is regarded as an enemy. 4- We give rank to the member based on their loyalty and steadiness in the guild. 5- Everyone should help their mates in the guild as much as possible. 6- We don't want anyone to talk about how dead the guild or the server is. 7- Nobody should use inappropriate language in the guild or alliance chat. 8- The guild is not only for the dead endgame players, the lowest levels are welcome and we try our best to help them make the most out of the game. Black Sails Ranking System 1- Leader: The ship's captain who is in charge of everything. 2- SiC: Top 2 commander on board. ( we may add more commanders in the future but at this moment, we need 2 commanders and each commander will have their own fellows) 3- Treasurer: dealing with the guild needs in term of money and items. Members can donate their items and kamas to this character and all the donation will be used to help the guild members if any member wants help in term of kamas or item should talk to the treasurer or the leader. 4- Craftsman: those members who are ready to help other members to craft their items or advice them for choosing appropriate items for completing their set. 5- Spy: the member on the ship which gathers information or intelligence on the opponents and enemies. (Hard Task) 6- Chosen one: those members who are trusted to be on board and they can benefit the privileges of the board. 7- On Trail: those who yet to be trusted. The Commanders Ranking There are two different ranking group members in our guild which are the followers of the commander. when a member joins our guild they can join one of these commanders and we will have future events between these groups and the winners get special prizes. *The 1st commander: Not Chosen yet it is an idea only. the leader of this group is one of the SiC. Ranking of this group: (I will leave it to the commanders) 1- 2- 3- *The 2nd commander : Not Chosen yet it is an idea only. the leader of this group is one of the SiC. Ranking of this group: (I will leave it to the commanders) 1- 2- 3- *Note: I didn’t specify the names for the commanders group they can choose the name for their group when they join. at this moment I don’t have any commander but only got the idea. Another Note: I want to mention that the number of the commanders are not limited we can add more commanders in the future so that we give more entertainment to the guild and the PVP side. Black Sails Events 1- Preceptor Hunting: This should be the best event for the pirates cause we would appreciate plundering other guilds. 2- The Clash between the commanders: We will manage to prepare pvp events in our guild between the difference group in our guild and the pvp should be appropriate with our guild members and levels which will include its own rights and rules, in order for the most members to enjoy this event not the endgame players. For example a 4vs4 pvp will be this way ( one level 200- one level 190+ - two level 150+) according to the guild member's level. This type of PvP provides a lot of gift for the winners. (the gifts will be paid by a player or two or the loser team or the whole guilds, it depends on the event) 3- Dungeon huntings: we will prepare a team and go take out the boss out of the darkness of the caves and hunt them. 4- Clash with other guilds: This type of events should be done by contacting other guild and the clash will be the Highest commander of these two guilds or the group of members who match the level of each other. 5- Random lucky giveaway: This event will be based on luck and the members in our guild will get random items. and last but not least we will plan to make new events in the future and we would also like to take other players suggestions. Anyone who would like to join can pm me IGN: Ichor-kr
  10. Hi guys, I am currently playing in rosal and I mage endgame items especially ap/mp, I can mage other types such as range/summon exos or -crit. The price varies and depends on the stats. I take orders and mage them within a week and I don't give %100 success rate for exo maging, I may cancel the order anytime (if the items keeps failing and exceed the limit). For more information contact me IG: ichor-kr Order Done: Mp ringaling for Leonis. Ap bearbaric band for dovahking.
  11. Ichor

    Buy Ochre and Dolmanax!

    bought dolmanax. Still looking for ochre pm me
  12. Buy ochre for 25m-- Dolmanax for 15m pm me in game for negotiation about the prices. In game name: Ichor-kr or Nero-sword

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