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  1. Hell no :P I will agree that I never took leveling too seriously, Level 100 just seemed so far away it was daunting. Emote hunting was possible because everyone was looking for groups to get the best emotes. Half the fun was dying trying to get to the emotes themselves. My biggest achievement was getting level 30 mining in 1.0 But I just got level 100 last nigh;t Its a weird feeling to glow after 11 years :P
  2. Currently in the market for some Dofus Eggs hoping it will improve my character. Can someone reply with the average prices I should be paying for the most popular dofus'? Cawwot Dofus, Emerald Dofus, Ochre Dofus, +1mp Dofus
  3. Thank you all for being so open and accepting! I plan on making myself well known here on the forums in the future! Once I get my subscription going ill be sure to add all of you kind people ^^
  4. Glad I finally found an active forum. The official forums are pretty useless imo. My name is Mason. I have played dofus back during its birth and decline on the server Rushu. My main is a sadida named -Victorious- . Feel free to add me and exchange your valuable knowledge. Although I know much more than the average dofus player, my current knowledge is out of date. I have come back briefly in 2015 but with no where to communicate and ask questions I quickly began to drift away from dofus again. Ankama imo has always been great at making everything very (obvious-but-actually-super-confusing-to-new-players) type of content with no real explanation. They leave the community to fend for themselves. And the Wiki is pretty useless these days. I want a second chance to make it to the content I was never able to get to. Although I have played many years my highest level is only 75. I at least want to make it to 100 and level another account on the side. I'll be looking for an alliance aswell although I'm not sure how/why they work, I just know its a necessity to be apart of the world and community. If you're the type of person who doesn't mind being asked questions in game; consider adding me (-Victorious-) p.s. Especially if you know how to level a sadida!
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