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  1. Yeah "better late than never" but this update (f2p area expansion) should have come YEARS ago, when people where still actively trying out the game and not 14-15 years after its inception when the majority of the playerbase has long gained p2p stabilization. I like both updates but this one just seems like an old joke to me. For reference: https://www.dofus.com/en/forum/8-suggestion-box/43472-official-quot-we-want-more-f2p-content-quot-thread?page=1
  2. You can write a few thousands off for the exam season but the remaining number is really alarming tbh. I came back from a 5-month break in January and I think the game's got better, if anything. True, I don't give a shit about kolo or pvp in general. Ogrine prices are lowering as well, so it's odd to hear this.
  3. The_Golden_One

    Prevent relisting on sellrooms

    I don't understand why the use of toxicity and provocation going on in this thread. It really serves no purpose whatsoever. OP's first point was addressed to already quite well by Reaper. As to the second point (aka "There should also be a fixed time until you can relist items at lower prices"), I disagree. People will just log in alts to sell their shit, even if they couldn't, it wouldn't solve anything. It would just delay the process of undercutting, if anything. As a suggestion I'd say don't place something for sale and remove it once you see that someone's undercutting you by 1< kamas. Leave it there, it well sell eventually (if the forces of demand/supply are roughly equal). If people undercut said item by a hefty amount (in proportion to sale price), then the item didn't 'deserve' the price you put it up for to begin with. Also, don't mass-stock items on the market, that's just begging for your stuff to get undercut. Place a batch and wait. If they don't sell, undercut either your own or other people's price and wait. If they don't sell, then that 'money-making' process isn't viable to begin with.
  4. The_Golden_One

    Gift Code Scam

    All valid points. I'll admit that standing from my position and roasting Ankama is relatively simple compared to this delicate problem they have here. Unless there is some form of wage involved, this game won't see any proper moderation. I think it's best if Ankama employees were given a raise in that they're paid for moderation shifts in game (might or might not be overtime). Something really needs to happen but sadly I can see why they don't do anything about it. The scammed player either goes, "Oh shit, I got hacked. I'll just buy a ton of ogrines to catch up" or "Fuck this, I'm done." It's a 50% (or slightly lower) chance that they'll make a good buck out of every successful scam attempt. In a way, from a business albeit unethical point of view, I can see why nothing is being done.
  5. The_Golden_One

    Gift Code Scam

    The main issue I see is that there's no fast way to report these low-lives. I have to personally talk to them (so I can safely say that they are indeed scammers) take multiple screenshots then forward them to Ankama and if I'm lucky, they'll see the message relatively quickly and take care of them. I have better things to do with my time rather than clean up the mess left by Ankama's negligence. Because, yes, not stationing a mod or two to monitor the chats is negligence.
  6. The_Golden_One

    Perma Ban Scam (echo)

    Recently came back and I've noticed that the amount of scammers has risen, even from after the merge. People "trading kamas", "deactivating shields" apart from the retarded scam attempts posted above. This is actually out of control. During the evening you're guaranteed to see a couple of the above scams advertising in the chat without a care in the world. We really do need a mod or two, or alternatively a goddamn report button.
  7. The_Golden_One

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    Holy motherfuckin shit that should be illegal. Reported. Gj man
  8. The_Golden_One

    How to obtain ODD generation seemys

    You've got it right. Golden/(anything from gen 1) mated with a Golden/(anything from gen 1) will eventually yield you a Ginger. For Almonds, any mixture of gen 1s for example Indigo/Crimson and Ebony/Orchid will eventually get you an Almond, although from my experience Almonds are way harder to get.
  9. The_Golden_One

    Another one bites the dust

    I have no idea how we met brother but I can say that it was a blessing. Keep your head high and have a good life man, take care. xx
  10. The_Golden_One

    Hey, help, Im lost.

    This is the problem that Dofus has, imo. On almost any other MMORPG, money-making is rudimentary since you can put literally anything up for sale and you'll get money for it. Here, you have to know what to put on the market and pray that a buyer purchases the item before bots/other people undercut you. You have to find out what people want and evaluate if it is worth spending your time on. As Sam said, nobody wants to put their cards on the table if it means other people will want a piece of the cake. In the end however, when you see that "[Bank] + 1,000,000 kamas : Sale of [My ass]" you'll treasure it even more. Now I understand that this is very abstract advice but it is essentially up to you to find a lucrative money-making scheme. For a good test, try and support yourself without using irl money for p2p. If you manage to do so, you've got yourself handled and if not, you have to keep on looking.
  11. The_Golden_One

    Chameleon Seemyools

    Sorry, not Bob here but I can give you my 2 cents The total amount of chamos I've ever gotten is 5, all orchids, all males. I bred them straight away with other seemyools with a better family tree but it only worked once, got a chameleon male orchid again. Mass breeding seemyool chamos is entirely different from doing so with turkeys simply because of the ridiculous amount of mates seemyools have. With an average of 3 mates, you have to be extremely lucky for the parents to pass down the chameleon trait to their newborn. The percentage of successfully getting a chamo from chamo parent(s) is so minuscule that it's completely up to RNG, in my experience anyway. This is main reason seemyool chameleons are so scarce and therefore expensive.
  12. The_Golden_One

    Random Screenshots

    Dear Ankama, this is how you balance stuff smh
  13. The_Golden_One

    Kudo-Kun - Rushu [Middleman Scam]

    Or how about you spend your time better instead of playing ridiculous games and end up losing hard-earned items? I'm sorry if this sounds rude but you should have seen this 'scam' coming from a mile away.
  14. The_Golden_One

    Maltese(-Killer) Rushu

    I too am sad to hear about this. The only fellow Maltese citizen I have encountered during the past year (probably lives 10/15 mins away from me at most) turns out to pull this kind of shit even when he's well over 25 y/o at least. He has given me some advice before but I didn't know that most of his achievements were thanks to other people playing his chars for him lol. In any case, respect to Blank for handling the situation maturely.
  15. The_Golden_One

    Seemyool stats

    Thank you kind sir

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