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  1. The_Golden_One

    Special spells disappear from spell tab after every maintenance

    The good news is that after I posted the same thread on the official forums, an admin caught wind of it and let the devs know about the bug. If we're lucky this whole thing can be over when the 2.48 update hits.
  2. Use the cras as shields and keep the dwarves at the back since they hit quite good in range and aoe. The cras are pretty useless from my experience as they only apply poisons that hit less than 200 dmg per turn. It's best to value the dwarves and try to keep them safe and within safe distance from any monsters. There's not much else to the fight though. You have to keep trying different formations and tactics until you eventually do it. Good luck, that fight was a pain.
  3. Spells of the likes of Leek Pie, Weapon Skill, Moonhammer and other special spells are getting removed from my spell bar after every maintenance. Every Tuesday, I go through the mundane process of re-organizing my spell tab for the nth time. Weird thing is, this happens on my sram only- the other chars are fine. I've tried to organize them differently (having special spells first, then normal spells, vice-versa etc) but no dice. This has been going on since forever and I can't take it anymore. I've cleared my cache but to no avail. I was gonna send a ticket but they required a photo of my ID card (the fuck?) and so I thought I'd check if any one of you helpful peeps has encountered this issue and solved it.
  4. That doesn't work either. The interface seems to load but I can't click anywhere (set pieces, stats etc) since everything's greyed out. Arrived here from set history btw.
  5. I can't progress from the home page. Whenever I click on any characters the website keeps loading until it times out.
  6. The_Golden_One

    Need someone with 4 accounts

    Sweet. I'll add and message you in game once I log. It'll be a few hours before I do but I'll try to catch you on. Thanks!
  7. The_Golden_One

    Need someone with 4 accounts

    Need someone with 4 accounts for a relatively hard questfight at Silent Wrecks (Frigost). The fight is against 3 waves of 8 monsters of the area (Sucgunners, Drowhirls etc). Enis, masqs or other support classes are preferred. Bonus points if you've got the Necronyx spell. Thanks a bunch.
  8. The_Golden_One

    The Hero of Plants X Veriun Dead Quest

    Done it on all 4 chars eventually, thanks for the help. For future reference to anyone who might attempt this: -Get 3.5k ini to start before the plants play. -As Happida said, Necro'ing the blue gloot when it is in close proximity (square radius) with other enemies will put said enemies in Necro'd state -Attack enemies who summon the dead ones, that way there's no need to Necro eventually as they'll all die. Overall it's a horribly annoying quest but if you study the strategy used by players via YouTube most classes will nail it eventually. Extra tip: Search for the French version of the quest (Le héros de Plantes contre Trépamorts) in YouTube as you'll get more results that way.
  9. The_Golden_One

    When do orgines expire on a account?

    The linked ones are the only ogrines that expire. Last I read was 3 months.
  10. The_Golden_One

    old characters

    I'm not sure what Ankama's policy is but no characters should be deleted after inactivity, regardless if they were ever subbed or not. If that's not the case, then that's a really shitty thing for them to do. You've already seem to have done what I'd have done i.e. checking if you're surely on the right account and sending them a ticket. Best of luck.
  11. The_Golden_One

    The Hero of Plants X Veriun Dead Quest

    I guess it's time to bump this thread up as I'm completely stuck. I elaborate on my difficulties with this fight at the end of this thread if any gracious soul wants to have a look but the gist is: -I have to necro basically every player in the fight except for the useless dandelions. -Blue gloot doesn't necro other enemies even when I necro it. -Roses keep suiciding -Impossible for me to necro allies, necro enemies, keep monsters at bay, hit monsters and survive myself at the same time Things I've tried -Upping my ini to 3.5k (as discussed in the aforementioned thread). This helped my footing at the start of the fight but things go to shit eventually either way. -Wearing Abyssal for 1mp (negligible results) -Necroing blue gloot (it doesn't necro other allies like everyone keeps on saying, at least for me) -Keeping allies away from monsters (impossible for 1 character to keep 4 plants away by myself) If anyone has any ideas, I'd be very grateful.
  12. The_Golden_One

    Can't kill Claude McSee

    Thanks to both you kind people I managed to kill the fucker. Here are some tips for anyone who might stumble upon this. -Rule number 1 is don't push enemies and stay in-line with srams, or else risk being attracted. -Claude instakills multiple chars every 6 turns. -I killed him with sram/panda/iop/eni + 4 sidekicks which were basically decoys until I laid out some hits on Claude. Doing it with an 8-man team would be optimal. A sram or enu is a must. As Pagonis mentioned above, Mist on the turn prior to Claude going apeshit and throwing all the characters inside while hoping for the best is what I went with but you could opt for Quadro's intel, which is to use an enu to Pull Out and immobilize him. -As Quadro mentioned, erode as much as possible. Claude's hp seems to fluctuate every few turns, from 55k to 65k to even 100k at times. Don't worry, just erode and keep your distance. Every 6 turns, his hp seems to drop by 10k if not more. By turn 25ish Claude's hp was around 12k, which was very manageable to deal with. Again, cheers guys!
  13. The_Golden_One

    Can't kill Claude McSee

    Will try later today keeping in mind what you said. Thanks bud!
  14. The_Golden_One

    Can't kill Claude McSee

    Thanks for clarifying. Also, do you know if it's possible to avoid the 1-hit kos at turn 6? Staying away doesn't seem to stop him from jumping and killing me. Or should I just cut my losses eventually? Either way, it seems like it's an 8-man job (was trying it with 4 + sidekicks lol). Cheers again.
  15. The_Golden_One

    Can't kill Claude McSee

    I'm at the final part of the quest "The fire of god", one of the quests of the Towers of the Brotherhood of the Forgotten. I have to kill this overpowered iop called Claude McSee and 4 of his whores srams. Does anyone have any tips? Cos I don't have a clue about what the fuck happens throughout the fight whenever I muster up enough brain cells to waste trying to kill him. He has 45k hp which rises to 65k randomly after turn 2. He also heals up around 5k hp whenever he wants. After turn 6 he apparently 1-shots multiple characters at a time come what may. I tried Necronyx'ing him asap but it changed nothing, he still destroys anything that comes in his sight. Most of the fight consists of me watching helplessly as he hops around the map and stomps on my characters repeatedly until they die. If any kind soul can throw a few ideas on how to end this cunt, please feel free. (Ss taken from http://www.dofuspourlesnoobs.com/du-feu-de-dieu.html)