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  1. I'll be blunt and I'm sure that I'll piss off a few old-timers but I'd rather get this off my chest, even if it is a call in the void. Impsvillage never tried to be something that it wasn't and that made me love the site very much. I'd be humbled about my own efforts whenever an elite player would flash us their top tier inventory or achievement and it always made me strive for more. As the years rolled by, the forum began dying for a slew of aforementioned reasons, the main of which most likely was a lack of advertising- though doing so for a fan-made forum is tricky for any game,
  2. I've got some haikus left that I wish to trade with anymore who's got a few. I can also buy them if necessary. I'm not going to bother listing them so either hit me up on the forum or just pm me on Golden-Etemaii whenever you see me on during the evenings.
  3. Me too, I'm ready to help from next week.
  4. I've got Prontosaur the Punctual and possibly another arch that you need. I will check and contact you here or in-game. Edit: I checked and I only have one which you don't have- Prontosaur. We can trade whenever we meet online.
  5. My friend and I killed him. He is apparently a very easy bounty to kill. Each character must hit him at least once per turn for him to not gain (as much) vitality each turn. If this is done, he is extremely easy to handle.
  6. I've decided to create a small corner which could also be used in the future by whoever wants to kill this thing (Lost Dimension bounty) since information is extremely scarce. I've asked around and I couldn't glean much of an understanding on how this bounty works and how it is best defeated. What we know: -Goes invisible on turn 1 but once found never goes invis again -Summons 1 pouch per turn with 100 lock, 2.5k hp & shield and a glyph around them -Gains around 9-10k hp per turn (though there seems to be some way to prevent that) -Hit damage compounds the
  7. Thank you so much for your reply. I decided to drop the iop for a rogue to have better map control while still dishing a ton of damage. Hopefully I'll be able to complete the dungeons I have in mind. Thanks again
  8. Hey guys, as I'm pondering whether I should return I was thinking about the question in the title. My team right now is the following but I'm not hesitant to change my setup after so many years of playing with the same team. Panda 200 (tank) Sram 200 (str/int/agi) Eni 200 (int/heals) Iop 200 (str) I'd like to complete top-tier dungeons and quests, something which I was unable to do with this team given that I had no mp rape/elio portals and whatnot to stabilize monsters. I'd appreciate any input. Thanks
  9. Completed it with the thanks of Veldin and more fantastic people who even declined payment. Truly, thanks a lot.
  10. Cool, I'll contact you in the coming days when I'd hopefully have the rest.
  11. Hello friends, I need 3 carvers and 5 smiths for my final quest in Frigost "Work is Happiness". Both carvers and smiths need to be lvl 200 and have their respective maghi at lvl 200 as well. It's aids I know but I thought that I might as well try here. If you've got any of these professions (as well as the magus version, remember) hit me up here or in game Golden-Etemaii. I'll add you and will contact you once we have the required people. Thanks.
  12. I couldn't disagree more with what you said here. What you call a "banal illusion" is my and many others' reality. Most of us don't have the time or desire to spam-attempt dungeons with the wrong characters. It took me a long 46 attempts (counted) to kill QoT without a cra/enu/elio (won't mention Meno & other dungeons). I mean- I won in the end so it shouldn't matter, right? Wrong. If the only way of winning the fight in an adequate time frame is having a specific set of characters, then there's something seriously wrong with the planning of the game. Another point I'd like to
  13. Thanks for this thread, really great insights going on! The game is great but whenever I think of Dofus a part of me gets depressed. The reasons are aplenty but most of which only boil down to really serious issues like: -End game dungeons difficulty + specific characters requirement I loathe the fact that unless I have a specific composition of characters, I can forget ever successfully running a dungeon. Why do I have to have an elio/cra/enu to run 99% of dungeons? Why can't I run them with whichever character I want? If not, what's the point of playing with said
  14. The good news is that after I posted the same thread on the official forums, an admin caught wind of it and let the devs know about the bug. If we're lucky this whole thing can be over when the 2.48 update hits.
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