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  1. hey man ^^ nice to see old farts around hhh, still activly playing?
  2. Hello dofus society! I wish to introduce myself. My name is Oscar but you can call me Race . I hope there is still some people to chat with! --- My Discord My Twitter My Youtube
  3. looks like game based on Dofus Area, btw I wonder why did they took it off - since it was one of their best creation imo
  4. yep, now every class and sex may stand on title.
  5. if you want kralove to be open all you need is 48 characters with premium to fill 4 rooms of 12 slots each if I racoon corectly. You can PM me in game between 14~23 every day and I can fill half of the room my self for ya.
  6. Hey Villagers! I've been thinking making Ilyzaelle dungeon which type of damage will fail my achiev. Few quick questions : 1. Does posion damage that acures by a) poison (ex Poison Arrow) b) ap ussage/mp ussage (Sram's Trap) c) end of turn (Sram's Epidemy spell) 2. How about pushback damage, release, blow a) by wall b)by other enemy c) by ally 3. What if monster that you focus share damage with another? Or all that matters in focus Is target Spells that deal damage in range cells? So question is HOW I CAN HIT other monsters WHILE MAKING FOCUS ;]
  7. I got all mounts and few of them pure's, Can breed u them If you need, pm me in game -l--RACE--l-
  8. I actualy found apply site [Click here to apply to Rosalt]
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