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  1. Hoi, I'm looking to buy Ivory (50M), Abyssal(14M) and Cloudy(14M) dofus. /w Wem
  2. Ouginak will be best one... soon
  3. BREAKING NEWS: The Rushu's sheitan has been revealed as you can see it's just wow Here he hits again
  4. I used to be an pure Int Iop, I guess its still one of the best in 1.29. Sacs great too but you might need to get few exos
  5. I have it in PS4 and its great. Makes you cry when a fucking Tracer comes and kills you but still a great game.
  6. ​ Reporting harassers, bullies and rude players is basically reporting 99% of Rushu's players
  7. Well played, every char is good at 1v1. An iop ca easily beat a sadi and a sadi can easily beat every classes because its fucking cancer
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