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  1. Question about Mimisymbic

    Another one, can I Mimi a Shield or a Trophy?
  2. Ask a Mage

    How do I know the amount that fits over/exo of an item based on Item level. E.g. I want to over prospec in a Bagogol Set (Kamakap, etc...). I know that I can drop the other characteristics to earn sink, and can over some points. But how do I know how many points fit in each item? (Lower items has less space(?)) is there any formula? Thanks :)
  3. Few questions about balance bar

    Oh, thank you all for answer me. But I belive there must be a precise value in this method. I'll track a first gen DT to see if I'll find any conclusions. I'll consider that all status gain will come from 239/240 stamina. So I keep the higest value at my calculations, this will give me a safe values. I guess that's not completely random. Maybe I can colaborate with Dofus Wiki (that I used a lot), and here in forúm if I get any conclusions. Since you guys helped me in this forum, that's my turn to help all! Hope I can find my answers T_T
  4. I'll use male dragoturkeys as example. If my balance bar is at +(750), and I put the male dragoturkey into love area... 1 - My balance bar will reduce in 10 for every interaction that counts (+Love) or for every amount of love earned (e.g. +30 Love) ? 2 - What kind of items will reduce my balance? Drinking, Lighters, Dragobutt...? 3 - If the serenity change items are included at 2nd question. I'll gain less/more balance than a female dragoturkey? 4 - How the generation of dragoturkey influences the amount of status gain. For example. I breed first generation dragoturkeys (Almond), I earn +150 every interaction with a serenity balance item. But with my tenth generation I only earn 30 by interaction. Can someone explain this? 5 - Lets suppose my stamina won't affect my gain from the items. (Remember male as example) If I gain +100 love for every interaction and my total love bar is at 2500. I need my balance bar to be at least +500 to get to7500 love points? 10 point loss for every interaction, I'll need 50 interactions. Right(?)
  5. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC18g2lumIVnbQD4DbDSTGRw Nothing on it yet :) What do you think about humor videos? As I've started a fresh new account, what do you think about a complete serie to reach an achievement? Like Icnarnam/Astrub Ornament and keep doing so... Ooooh you would LOVE Raxtus (Sram low level). He did Royal gobbal at level 3, Kolosso at 105... I love his channel because he's unique. I would like to do things like that... But let this on my own. I have to be original and be myself to make things unique. But thanks a lot for the tips! :) You're right! But actually im a kind of person who loves to do a lot of thing simultaneously. I don't have a lot of Focus on single tasks... So, it will be randomized :) I hope its better watch a channel with a lot of series than a channel with a specif kind of content (maybe im wrong) Oh thanks for supporting me. But I'll be on a brazilian server... So, maybe you not play there :) But I would love your help as tips for me :P I'll tell you somethng. Do you remind of what is a Mentor? Guys who lived in Incarnam to help another player from beginning? Yup, I am actually one of thoose guys. I have a guild called Incarnam that I help new players :) its actually a pretty big guild and well supported by my community... So I would love to make comments that will help another players :) Yup, I love. Maybe I can try explore a thing that some people (most of them) don't do... Tell the history... I think the history of Dofus is a pretty big universe that should be read. If I tell them maybe they have an interest in it. I love this idea, but I dont see it as a fresh start for youtube. I would like to introduce myself first... This could be one of my series :)
  6. Hello! How are you? I would like to introduce myself. I am a Brazilian player playing since 2007 (with a lot of breaks, but whatever). I'm starting a new account, I'll play as a new beginning. I do not like to spend much time editing videos, but I like to produce them (record, have ideas ...). I wonder what kind of videos you like to watch? I did as a test of a first video telling how to get some gifts in the game. I was very well, about 600 views and 40 thumbs up, no down. I miss a lot of YouTube content in Brazil or Portugal, I actually subscribed 300 English community channels and French ... So I would put myself in this world. What do you suggest as a new beginning for YouTube? Say what you think ... How to earn Kamas, level professions, breeding, drops, just play and record ...