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  1. Hey guys, So I've been away for like a year or so and just got back to the game like a month ago. Been having so much fun in Dofus again and I noticed some new/updated websites, and also some dofus related sites that went down. Now I was wondering, are there more dofus addons/tools/whatever you want to call it that I am not aware of, or that will be released soon? Figured it might be smart to make a list for people like me who wish they knew about these ages ago. So, I'll update this when I stumble across new ones or people notify me of the ones I'm not aware of. Not online anymore: dofusplanner.com Sites still being updated: dofusfashionista.com (Dofus set creator with automatic set creator tool) dofusgo.com (TreasureHunt tool and WorldMap) dofuswiki.fandom.com/wiki/Dofus_Wiki (Dofus Wiki) dofusbook.net (French Set Creator, Damage Calculator, etc.)
  2. Yoo Haven't played in like a year now and just redownloaded and checked imps to see what changed. I remember being in Illusionator like 2-3 years ago. Just grinding PvP as an osa and absolutely sucking at PvM. In general people would look down on you if your achiev score was shit and you didn't do any dungeons. Specifically platinum bois. (even though I could take any of you in a 1v1 u lil bitches) but quadro didn't. Quad was always THAT guy who would send you a pm and say something nice of offer some help when everyone was hating on you. Now don't get me wrong this isnt no cyberbully sob story everyone hates on everyone on the internet and thats okay it makes the game fun and competitive but quadro just want like that. After becoming leader of Illu and then leaving it after a year or so I decided to hit Quadro with a pm asking him if I could join platinum, he accepted me into the guild and I was now a member of the plat family. And again Quadro didnt change a bit, I dont think I ever heard the guy speak negative about anyone. I dont know what I'm trying to say with this post, I guess its thanks for being such a cool dude? I also dont believe ur actually quitting lol u'll be back. You can honestly be proud of yourself man, there was no reason for you to be nice to me when I was like a 180 but you were and you didn't expect anything back. A great quality to have.
  3. Damn Darwin bro where to start... Much respect for the way you handeled the guild, the game and other people over the years. When I was just some low level kid, Illusionator always stood out to me as one of those 'elite' guilds but different from the others at the time. Not sure if it was just me but it always seemed like you guys were part of the top of Rushu but were never involved with the drama or hating bullhit that usually comes with that. This is what initially appealed me to Illu and looking back at it I think you were one of the main reasons why that was the case. Both in /g and in kolo you tought me some wise lessons, like never tell someone they're shit but rather explain to them how to improve, also the way you showed respect for even the biggest 'noobs' so to say was admirable and definetly changed the way I personally approach certain things nowadays. Guild wise you played your role out perfectly, never seen you lose your shit over some guild related stuff although it could visibly stress you out sometimes. I just hope you didn't make a bad decision by putting so many time and effort into Illu that it eventually drained you till the point where you lost all fun in the game... Anyway to conclude, you've been a true Legend on Rushu and thank you for showing noobs like myself how you get shit done in this game. Still think it's awesome that you trusted me to take your guild over from you and now I will try my best to continue your legacy. Will hopefully see you in /g every once in a while, -The-Created
  4. That sucks sorry to hear. I dont have much but if you send me a pm in-game I'd be happy to donate some mks to you guys. But if this really was Timeless then I do gotta say that he is one crazy mastermind.. who pulls off a fake identity for that long without ppl suspecting anything... EDIT: Guess that answers my question.
  5. Expected more of this rework but we'll see if its actually fun/viable on beta.
  6. Illusionator 200 we out here! (Big thanks to Instant's team for donating most guild XP out of everyone) Now let's see who's next, Para or Plat.
  7. Looks like they will add new rewards in the future though...
  8. Well say goodbye to SP scrolls... This makes me happy though, thanks Ankama.
  9. So new osa's are live, but is there any point in lvling the animal link spell? Like does it change at all...?
  10. Bump. We gained 10 new members the last few days and are still looking to expand.
  11. You do have a good point on them actually making Osa more 'an actual class' as being a buff-bot does make the game pretty repetitive but don't you think that you're too reliant on summons as an osa for them to make so many spells interact with them and then set a 1 family per turn limit? It just seems to me that it will play out negative and remove a lot of dynamic from these matches with osa's in them. Like I said earlier, the pushback/gravity combo that osa's used to have was a game changer if played right so now I'm just hoping that the mobility from switching positions with ur summons will make up for that. But don't get me wrong, the new AoE heals and whip are more then great but I just think that they shouldn't go with this 1 family per turn limit and just nerf something else to be honest..
  12. With 6 AP (+Power +MP +AP) you used to be able to create a monster iop/eca /hitter who you would keep supporting by trying to keep him alive and throwing buffs on him for the duration of the match as he wreaks havoc since a simple osa wasn't really able to do that. Now u need 6 AP just to give this hitter on your team MP and AP and you dont even have the option to power them up anymore as high energy shot only works on summons now. But alright alright, for the lack of power in buffing we now have stronger summons with more dmg right? Only downside is that now you need to kill one of them everytime you want to heal, escape, or link with a certain summon family. And since you can only summon one type of family per turn now you wont have much summons left past turn 4 on average if you ask me. At this point most (PvP) fights have gone to complete chaos with most of the time multiple enemy's trying to focus you or a teammate, which will force you to let's say summon a podgy tofu to push them away or a black gobb to apply gravity. After doing this you've already lost the ability to let's say summon a (rather) useless tofu as an int osa which you can use to heal you and ur buddies up or to swap with. Next turn you will be able to do so however, but if you want to get the +heals from the animal link and heal in the same turn then you're forced to sacrifice your most valuable summon as an int osa (Red Wyrm) which will leave you with literally no extra damage. None from +Power buffs and no extra damage from summons.
  13. Just for once I thought the game gave osa's a chance and put them in the same category as the other revamped/top tier classes... They just removed the gravity/push away combo from the fatass tofu + black gobbal which is not only a huge nerf to percs/kolo but most of all for 1v1. It wasn't like osa's were OP at all before this nerf imo, the big heals kept them relevant and made it worthy to focus them but if you cant even sacrifice tofu's for heals and still make a difference it will become rather hard to play this class and be usefull. Ankama you did it again...
  14. #IlluGang #IlluMaffia

  15. I'd suggest waiting for the revamp and then seeing what playstyle fits you best. Currently there's no way to really tell yet what will be the best way to play osa as the changes are rather big. I can tell you however that you should probably invest in summons as the +summon spell will dissapear and the cooldowns will be much lower.
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      Hello All , As the years have been through and our lives have moved along , I have never forgot how Omni familly took care of me against Knights Templars agroeing during BrakmarVsBonta, I joined and became part of this familly .
      After many quits and hacks , I have came back a couple months and been keeping your legacy you passed on to me , Omni is still alive and kicking , if you wish to drop by just to say hello , please do I miss you all a lot
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      Hello All , As the years have been through and our lives have moved along , I have never forgot how Omni familly took care of me against Knights Templars agroeing during BrakmarVsBonta, I joined and became part of this familly .
      After many quits and hacks , I have came back a couple months and been keeping your legacy you passed on to me , Omni is still alive and kicking , if you wish to drop by just to say hello , please do I miss you all a lot
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