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  1. I want to buy souls from xelorium: I need Sethen, Thirtree, Twentoo, Thriten Need each 3x, pm me here or in game; Vicey
  2. Selling bunch of souls needed for ochre quest, have between 1000-2500souls atm so pm me here or in game = Vicey
  3. Hey all, I am selling cha set for lvl 200, no exos. It is 11/5 (without trophies/ mount)) with 7 summons and 3 range. Hat: Dreggon Helmet Cloak: Absoluti Cape Belt: Epeni's Belt Boots: Pathogastrics Amulet: Spookkoth Amulet Ring: Levitrof Wedding Ring Ring: Bearberic Wedding Ring Weapon: Kind Playa's Scepta Shield: Honeycomb Shield *(I did not include pitcures/stats as this gear hasn't been maged yet. I can mage hat/cape/rings/amulet as you wish!) - I am looking to get around 40mk for this set, negotiable Pm me h
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