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    music if its r&b ;p

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  1. Under The Edge

    U guys are doing so much better then us on eratz XD gz though keep up the good work (:
  2. Planning to join Eratz

    Hey welcome back ! So far I’ve been playing this server on and off for 2 years and the markets are really active a 6 man team would definitely benefit you selling souls is a good way to make kamas here
  3. Under The Edge

    If I haven’t spent so much time and effort on eratz I’d go to henual XD
  4. Henual down?

    They were talking about fixing some stuff on these servers last week maybe it’s today?
  5. Dofus Cube (Dofus 3) - Blog

    Really excited for this!!!
  6. Help me choose class

    I’ve been online recently lol a girl can enjoy her Christmas break leave me alone haha
  7. Help me choose class

    I main Feca and the new update is pretty fun maybe try one of them (:? If you manage to get ivory dofus to it’s rlly nice
  8. Hey

    Thanks haha I have a guild/discord but they are 200 xd kind of hard to find lower lvls just waiting for the server merge
  9. Hey

    Anybody around lvl 120-140 looking for more lower levels to xp with :/
  10. hacked/goodbyes

    I also wouldn’t mind helping If you want to try mono account servers I can offer some kamas to get you started I mostly play back on echo again (Azmorea)
  11. [POLL] Which mono-account server will you play on?

    If I can get into iz I’ll stay there but if not I’ll just go to fraktal consdering a lot of English players are tired of waiting and already started there
  12. Yet Another New Guy

    I use to play a lot as well but server has declined I sometimes log in the guild BBC makes it pretty fun (:
  13. Yet Another New Guy

    I have a Feca on both dofus and wakfu I do love the dofus Feca more bcuz I can be more offensive fecas in wakfu are really good tanks though :x feel free to mssg me here or on dofus don't play wakfu much anymore but figured I can help
  14. Ban me

    Just sell all your stuff in case you come back a year later :D