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  1. aight, so i did Peb'Houlud last year and it took the mick to actually kill him, but figure out mp rape and pushing him to the bottom worked out. So i come back to kill him again and now he has jump, so err whats the tactic to fighting a guy that mp rapes everyone in an aoe and gaining 50% res?? don't understand how this guy is now harder than most of f3 bounties.


    1. Quadro


      ap rape to 0

      erosion vs res

      drop hp to 0



    2. Ayy-lmao


      </3 he's legit harder than a f3 bounty with that damage he shoots out his ass 

  2. Ayy-lmao

    Captain Meno

    honestly the worst dungeon they've created in a long time, fucking shadow is 100x better than this waste of oxygen and thats saying something mechanic wise.
  3. Ayy-lmao

    Captain Meno

    instead its rogue, ew. I really hate these dungeons.
  4. Ayy-lmao

    Captain Meno

    I'm just wanting to ask if anyone here has done Captain Jackass without elio cheesing him to death, got a team with 2 enus/cra/eni/ 2iops and can mostly keep them at bay, after a while it gets overwhelming though, so does anyone have any tips?
  5. Ayy-lmao

    The Last Rock

    found out what was wrong, i needed all elemental dofuses (Sold my emerald a year ago because it was utter shit) now i just did shadow and i needed it there too, gg 10/10 would play
  6. Ayy-lmao

    The Last Rock

    I checked that out, but its not even right; "he informs you that two Ecaflip are on their way to meet you. Speak then to Miss Teigne and Miss Tique , who have just arrived. " nothing happens here at all, i have all the items and everything.
  7. Ayy-lmao

    The Last Rock

    So I've just recently done my ochre quest line and thought i'd get stuck into completing Four over Five. After an hour i'm stuck already. Does anyone know what to do after talking to "UPACASE", i'm suppose to "try and find a way to convince Huskul of the legitimacy of your request".....i don't get it, if anyone can help me then cheers.
  8. You better do Nileza :(
  9. Ayy-lmao

    Mrblack and The-aqua's dungeon service.

    thanks for the Merkator run Aqua <3
  10. 20 Nidas Jewels and 12 Golden Hairsh ball.
  11. TFW you still remember PlugDJ

  12. I want 2 shylock rings pls.