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  1. Dofus 2.43

    Frigost 4 is on the table and an area that looks like its an expansion off compte's area o.o could we really be getting a frigost part 4? that would be epic
  2. Mount/Seemyool service

    Offering to level Seemyools to level Seemyools/Dragonturkeys level 5 for 50 kk ea minimum 4 level 100 for 500kk ea minimum 2 Message me ingame @ Vetrex, Bokse, Enithing-goes, Aquas, Taming-Maddie - I'm on most of the day if you need any verification that I am legit you can message anyone from Starbound although my best reference might be Clayguy :) ~ Cheers
  3. The "What gear should I use" thread

    So im working towards beating the abyss dungeons and the dimensions ive come back after a fairly long break and im new to dimensions and dungeons but what better time to try to learn and defeat them than after the 2.42 update :) first off im wondering what the best team of 8 would be I dont plan to 8 man dimensions or abyss id like to 4-5 man them and maybe eventually try to duo them so which 8 characters across 8 accounts would be best to be able to do all off the endgame content right now? I assume it would be.. Cra, Enu, Eni, Panda, Iop, Rogue, Elio, Masqueraider? my second question is assuming the 5 chars are Rogue, Enu, Cra, Eni, Iop.. what would be a good semi low budget set to be able to take on the abyss and dimension dungeons? i have turq dofuses and some exos but almost no funds right now im at 15mil kamas and the sets I have or am working on right now are as follows https://www.dofusplanner.com/GoVEl/ - Int, Rogue https://www.dofusplanner.com/yUhMo/ - Mp Removal/Chance, Enu https://www.dofusplanner.com/h3fcx/ - Omni, Cra https://www.dofusplanner.com/oIKAX/ - Int/heal, Eni https://www.dofusplanner.com/zuHcH/ - Strength/int/omni, Iop would these sets be sufficient if not what should I change that isnt *to* much more expensive and what extra classes/sets for those classes will I need to be able to fight the Dimension and Abyss dungeons? I'm not the absolute best player tactically so the simpler the tactics the better also I kind of suck at elios and setting up portals correctly so preferably a none elio strategy but if the fight and portal setup can be super simple that would be fineand the cheaper the sets/builds that are sufficient the better :) thanks in advanced
  4. Official "What team should I use" Thread

    Returning player, I havent played in abour a year ive never tried the hardest dimensions nor have i tried abyss dungeons I only have about 15mk right now to improve my team I dont have Seemyools yet but i plan to invest soon and I am working on shields for my team of 8 and they should be finished tommorow I have a few exos and 5 turqs but no ochres, my exos include 3 ap maged bear ring, 1 ap maged bear wedding ring, 1 ap maged kringlove, 1 ap maged bherbal belt and 1 ap maged glacial ring, What I Have Acct1: Iop 200 Str/int, 12/5 pre dimension/abyss/whale gear Acct2: Enu 200 Cha/mp reduction, 10/6 pre dimension/abyss/whale gear Acct3: Panda 200 chance, 11/6 pre dimension/abyss/whale gear Acc4: Elio 200 agi, 10/6 pre dimension/abyss/whale gear needs a complete gear overhaul Acct5: Eni 200 int, 11/6 pre dimension/abyss/whale gear Acct6: Cra 200 Omni, 11/6 with some whale/dimensionmixed gear probably my strongest geared char but resist are kind of low fugitive hammer Acct7: Rogue 200 agi, 11/6 pre dimension/abyss/whale gear planning to reset him to int glass cannon ish with 1500 int 11/6 with 130 or so + damage if that changes anything also with a healing weapon Acct8: Masqueraider 200 strength, 11/6 pre dimension/abyss/whale gear What I Want looking to find out what the most useful classes are for each abyss and dimension dungeon for achieves so i can improve my gear :) looking for the easiest wins I can get and possibly the most achieves for mats as im not the best player tactically and am extremely inexperiences with abyss and dimensions im looking for the best team compositions and gear/build changes that would help if possible and any videos anyone could show and suggest to me with a similiar team comp to mine preferably english would be amazing :) my end goal is beating all abyss and dimensions dungeons and as many bounties as possible (: Like this
  5. Post your Guts

    I miss the days when this thread would be full of inspiration now theres barely ever any posts on here :( id love to see peoples updated sets with shields and seemyools and such, small bump to the thread I guess
  6. Post your Guts

    how you playing on what i assume is 1.29 bud? :o
  7. Help with huppermage build please

    In my opinion and from my experience they were predominantly designed to be a omni or at least tribrid class imo you have to be at least 3 elements however I would suggest omni with a focus element or 2 meaning it can hit and such in all 4 but maybe its stronger in 1-2 elements than the others :) its good to rotate the cool-downs of healing spells and such with the steal spell from each element as well as being able to hit high and weaken your opponent with elemental drain and then theirs the added perk of any combination of elements/runes for all the different versatility benefits
  8. The "What gear should I use" thread

    Class: Enu Build: chance/strength/mp removal or chance/mp removal Kamas/time available: 50mk Current team: elio,enu,iop,eni,mask,panda Lvl range: 200 looking for a 11/6 set with the new trophies no ochre but a turq is fine i want as much damage and mp removal as possible range and such are a nice bonus and i want over 4k vit :) pre dimensional gear would be ideal to and any advice/suggestions would be much appreciated i was thinking something like this with a turq/100 chance trophy/320 vit trophy/20 chance damage trophy/32 dodge trophy to switch in and out? http://www.dofusplanner.com/QAY4W/edit/
  9. Most useful team Idols

    brilliant input guys ill work on them asap :) anymore suggestions would be great to really looking forward to trying the 508 score - when using these i should probably check every map is long ranged before i start a mob right? xD
  10. Most useful team Idols

    Ok so I recently unquit and I have a 8 man team [6x 200, 1x 199 full wis, 1x 199 geared decently] and I was wondering what the best idols would be for leveling in particular areas for example the best idols for lower leveled areas where the mobs are very easy but the xp is low lets use snowfox mobs or petri mobs or none san ghost mobs for example if the mob is super easy [ofcourse whats in the mob what my team consists off and what the map is like all have impact] but overall what would be the top idols to go for id like to go for as many as possible but in order of idols I will be using most to idols I will be using alot less :) Id also like to know what idols would be best for each of the frig 2 dungeons and dungeons like sphinter/croc/bworker for the 230 and 300 idol score achievements as well as what idols would be best for farming experience when doing harder things such as frig 3 mobs shadow mobs and the harder ghost mobs, I'm looking for the best combinations for the most score with the least difficulty as well as the best idols to substitute in and out depending on the mobs any help is much appreciated from anyone! my team is always evolving but currently it is : 200 int/stre iop 200 int/agi eni 200 chance panda 200 str/vit masq 200 chance enu 200 strength cra 199 agi elio 199 wis rogue
  11. Resetting characteristics via doploons

    thanks alot for the swift responses guys really appreciate it cant wait to try out my new build :) !
  12. ok so i have a 199 eliotrope scrolled agi/wis/vit/int i want to reset but i dont have a magical orb and i havent done the oto quests yet [dont kill me] I havent yet reset via doploons and i can use my one reset but im not sure if resetting this way will get rid of my characteristic points i have scrolled obviously i dont want to lose my scrolls can anyone give a definitive answer on if i will lose my scrolls [it does mention going back to my stats when i was in incarnum but this could be outdated] thanks guys :)
  13. Begzors for Equips (Only on the Test Server)

    if anyone can spot me some gear when there done with it on the server that would be amazing any endgame sets or items or exos or dofuses or kamas or trophies etc would really help me test some "out there" builds :) ign is bokse [server is shika] not sure how to type it
  14. The "What gear should I use" thread

    Classes: Eni, iop, enu, panda, rogue, elio, masqueraider, hupper Build: int, strength/int, chance, chance, agi, agi, strength, chance/agi Kamas/time available: ~200m I have alot of decent gear to use in the mean time and that will be sold when i get the new updated sets to fund exos and dofuses/scrolls and such Current team: eni, iop, enu, panda, rogue, elio, mask, hupper Lvl range: 200 Extra comments: looking for an efficient versatile team that can do anything currently ingame besides srambad and vortex [for now] with a minimum of 5 players 4 fighters and a spare slot for a "leech" that can get the frig 3 achieves and other achieves then be replaced by another leech PvP or PvM oriented: 90% pvm maybe 10% kolossium -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- heres the sets i planned please tell me what should be changed and why and if its cheaper or more expensive how much by and how much the old total set would cost including trophies -mount and the new sets price :) http://www.dofusplanner.com/xDlPw/edit/ ===== masqueraider -strength http://www.dofusplanner.com/nsLD5/edit/ =====rogue -int http://www.dofusplanner.com/up0by/edit/===== panda -chance http://www.dofusplanner.com/O7ZWO/edit/===== iop -strength/int http://www.dofusplanner.com/Wdylh/edit/===== enu -chance http://www.dofusplanner.com/mIITB/edit/===== eni -int http://www.dofusplanner.com/RC5VB/edit/===== eliotrope -agi http://www.dofusplanner.com/YJ7H3/edit/===== orrrrr http://www.dofusplanner.com/r2Hhh/edit/ chance/agi ECA or HUPPER also i have around 200mk saved should i use it to gear everyone somewhere similiar to above or focus on exos/dofuses for my main 4 man team?
  15. Official "What team should I use" Thread

    What I Have Acct1: 200 int eni Acct2: 200 strength iop Acct3: 200 chance enu Acct4: 200 chance panda Acct5: 199 int rogue Acct6: 199 agi eliotrope Acct7: 200 strength masqueraider Acct8: UNDECIDED Number of New Accts: 1-3 Goal: to be able to do frig 3 fast and officiently with a 5 man team [4 spine characters and a leech for achieves] aswell as eventually a strong 3 man kolo team and all current Dimensions Leaning Toward: I was thinking my end goal would be .... 200 strength/int IOP with flinties 12/5, 200 int ENI 11/6, 200 chance ENU 11/6, 200 chance PANDA 11/6, 200 int ROGUE 11/6, 200 agi ELIO, 200 Strength 11/6 MASQUERAIDER, - I can class change or replace anyone whos not needed/useful - some changes im considering is the Enu for a Cra - the Masq for a Sram/Xelor/Hupper/Eca - as an 8th I'm torn between Hupper/eca/xelor/sram/fogger as an 8th im not sure what would be best to compensate the other characters for what i mentions above :) as much advice as possible would be great best characters to go with for specific dungeons namely dimensions and frig 3, frig 3 consistency and speed comes first especially if i have a free slot to bring 1 person along at a time for achieves :) Extra Comments. mainly plan to be using sets that include the new trophies and no exos or dofuses besides turqs and crimson dofuses, i may be able to get my hands on a few exos over the next couple months if dofus is going well :)