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  1. Hello guys, was just curious as to if anyone could remember some endgame agi boots from around dofus 1.29? So far I havent been able to find squat!
  2. yea there is a small group of us English speaking folks playing on the dofus server Eratz which is still the 1.29 version.
  3. Changed cra from int to str (since already using another int cra and int iop) Loving the change so far!
  4. So after 4 months of back and fourth this is the end results -_-
  5. I've seen the feca your talking about too and he is OP but as the Original poster mentioned that he would be starting from level 60 I don't think feca would be the best option.
  6. I watch ALOT of pvp on eratz and the number 1 class ive seen is sac's and number 2 would be iops. Either one of them you can go from 60 to 200 pvping. The only problem is ( im just guessing your going to be playing on eratz?) is the fact that EVERYONE has multiple exo mages so there always feels like an unfair advantage.
  7. Could anyone lend me a few sets on beta? Looking for queen of theives/ the str/int set from catseye? Wanting to try a few builds out. Anything is helpful and thank you in advanced :)
  8. Yeah, unless you use gateway. I personally prefer gateway because it allows me to play 1.29 and 2.0 at the same time.
  9. Yeah man took 16 days,2 polite messages,and 1 drunken rude message to get it back. I am back in action baby!
  10. I personally like cra/enu and when you decide to branch out your team then you can add enu/enu/enu/enu/enu/enu.
  11. Would you ever like perc rights? or even be able to manage your own xp contribution? Because as of right now no one can give you those rights lol
  12. ll be back on the server as soon as they give me back my enu! But until then I shall remain on strike!
  13. I didn't know you but if you want to try something new I'd suggest trying the eratz server ;) Either way good luck in your next adventure whatever it may be!
  14. Just some old school pvp fun from eratz! Now I know this doesn't really look like ownage but you would be wrong! That little xelor was 13 ap and 8 mp of pure hell!
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