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  1. The "What gear should I use" thread

    Class: Pandawa Lvl : 200 Build: Cha/Str 11/6/6 Budget : Unlimited but vulbis Others: High res is appreciated, feel free to use exos, No idea how to create good cha/str set so i will be rly thankful for any help. cheers.
  2. Hi, Is there a Quest or Achievment needed to get Scampihorse's Rechargeable Battery? I could not find any information about this resource.. Thank in advance!
  3. Shika's kralove thread

    I would realy appreciate your help :)
  4. Shika's kralove thread

    Any plans on opening kralove soon ? :) Got 5 chars...
  5. HI, I was playing Cha Pandawa till 200 and now i want to change to Cha/Str - could you please suggest me best in your opinion gear for that kind of build for Pandawa? Thx in advance! peace!
  6. Hi :) Do you know guys what lvl i need to reach to take this bounty quest? Wiki says 100 but i have 102 and it doesn't work. I will be happy if you answer me :)
  7. B> 2x Euphoric Hemp

    Hi I would like to buy 2x euphoric hemps. Pm me on forum or in game - nick : Lorne. It's very important to me and it's very hard to find these :/ Have a nice day and i hope somebody would help me :)