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  1. Hey guys. Me and my friend Will be starting fresh on the new mono-server aswell. I Will be 'Wildpants' full str iop and his name Will be 'Whitewaterz' full int eni.
  2. Bump Moved merchant to [-1,1]
  3. Update* Merchant moved to 0,1. Price of Missiz ring 26MK
  4. No invitations

    Would you consider me tho? :D It's 'Cheap-shield' we talk often you give me advices my sac got to 190 this weekend resetted to 187 atm. I have 2 chars who are x6 until 150 and 2 chars who are x6 until 130 I think. Hit me up with your opinion. Cheers.
  5. Hi, I've set up my merchant at -2,1 in Amakna Village. Prices are negotiable. IGN:Mysterious-Shield