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  1. We all owe you guys! Thank you so much!
  2. maybe you should keep gob mats for jeweller and do some helmet/improved helmet hunts for tailor
  3. happy to join when i get back on October, ill pm
  4. Hey May i join? :D IGN: Neckros
  5. So, everyone knows when 2.0 came out most of us hated it and started quitting and coming back over and over again... Dofus 2 is a completely different game now, youve got to learn how to play and how to make kamas all over again. I came back around the time when 1.29 got released again thinking i could do the things i never got to in the past just cause i was a dumb kid thinking dopples and targets (pvp) was the way to make a living... Dofus 2 is a beauty, a box of chocolates really... The maps, the gameplay, basically everything is nerdgasm for old players and new. My advise, tr
  6. Meanwhile on Eratz...
  7. Hey Az (: Yea, Ive heard of INT, havent found anyone from that guild to talk to though...
  8. Hello there :) I just started playing again... A guild with English speaking people i could communicate would be nice... I have already joined "Old school Society", its nice but Im feeling its not as active as i thought so I figured i should join a second guild on my alt! Any guilds out there want a 6x lvl sram? :D
  9. Great stuff, 1,29 still better though (please save me from this madness)
  10. More and more people are joining every day, 17 members so far!
  11. Azure V Valley, is a Guild (Eratz Sever) created on March 5, 2017. This thread is dedicated on keeping you updated about the Guild news, Events and basically everything about the Guild! Anyone who wants to join us, can simply add a comment here or send me or any of the members you see ING a message! What are we looking for: ●We are looking for English speaking players, any level! ●Mature, active and helpful players! ●People who won't create any "drama" anytime they feel like it! We are planning on having many different Events every month! Perceptor
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