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  1. Opening Kwismas Cave!

    Hello!!!! We opened today cave! We did it=)))) Thanks to everyone, who helped and who came!!!! It was really cool, that so many came:) Hope to open cave once again for whose, who didnt get on time.! And our photo=)))
  2. Opening Kwismas Cave!

    Hey hey=))) It will be perfect, if you can cover some tiles=)))) Will be waiting!=))) Thanks for helping!=)
  3. Opening Kwismas Cave!

    Hey!=) Yeap, this is the cave in the quest "kwsimas spirit". Thanks for helping! =) I will write you to the b in the first area. It will be wonderful, if you also bring characters, whos name start with E and L. Last year we had a problem with this area=( You can use as many characters as you want, but it should be different accounts. Characters must be standing on tiles on the same time.
  4. Opening Kwismas Cave!

    Hello everyone! Again its the end of the year and we have to open the cave. Its became a good tradition=) We will do it again this year. And hopefully few times. So, the first try will be held on the 16th of December at 19 oclock (server time) OK! We have to gether people again, so If you can join and help us, please do=) First area a. Kykymba b. SamTheKing c. Pengin-san d. Zanzior e. tinkertailor f. tinkertailor g. Mystic-water Second area Character's name must start with "N" Character's name must start with "O" Character's name must start with "W" tinkertailor tinkertailor Third area De-are De-are De-are Xe-Gnar De-are Fourth area tinkertailor tinkertailor tinkertailor tinkertailor Character must have a Kwismas Gift in their inventory Waiting for you!!!!!=))))
  5. Kralove opening on Sunday 20 (18H00 dofus time)

    We were also going to open it. Come here to make a topic and saw this one!! :D Will help ^_^
  6. Opening Kwismas Cave!

    Hi everyone!!!! Thank you for helping a lot!!! It was hard, but WE DID IT!!! I'm very very happy=)))
  7. Opening Kwismas Cave!

    Bad news: It seams that they rollback it for 4 days... Good news: Probably they will open kwismas for 5 or more days... So, today noone is there. Lets do it tomorrow from 20:00 server time. If you have questions, write me here or in game=)
  8. Opening Kwismas Cave!

    Thanks for leting know. Edit the day to the 4th. Kwiamas will be opened till the 5th?
  9. Opening Kwismas Cave!

    Oh, that's coooool=) Will meet today! Thanks=)
  10. Opening Kwismas Cave!

    Will you take all 5?=) Thanks! Will write you fo sure!=) Wew need people. Which one can you take? Any? :rolleyes:
  11. Opening Kwismas Cave!

    Good=) Write you down! That's would be perfect! OK!=) Will be waiting=) Or you can write me here too:) If you can, it would be very very good! You can write time and day, when you will be available. We can try to gether on that day=)
  12. Opening Kwismas Cave!

    Good time, everybody! ^_^ OPENING TIME POSTPONED: We will try until we open it=) First time: 5th of January from 20:00- 21:00 (server time). Second time: will be announced tomorrow. If you have preferable day and time, please write. P.S. Sorry for changing the time. Please, be sure to be about one hour in game for opening the cave. Want to open the Kwiamas Cave and need to gether people. For sure among us there are a lot of people, who still didn't open it, but want to open it! Lets do it! :D In new 2016 year, on the 2nd or 3d. Please write, which position you can take. :) (taken from wiki) a. Witness Cell b. Must be a neutral player and have an Emote - Wave, Release Gas, Hi, Rock/Paper/Scissors, Cross Arms, Point or Rest. c. Chlupac d. Chlupac e. Pengin-san f. Chlupac g. Chlupac Character's name must start with "N" Oh-Karolina Character's name must start with "W" Emerald-Eyes-Cra Lenord De-are De-are De-are Character's Wisdom must be between 151 and 200 Horxy Pokii Pokii Pokii Pokii Pokii Wishing everybody good day and Happy New Year :) :D