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  1. Recruiting/Rebuilding Plague

    Hey guys I recently had to take about a month break from Dofus due to some real life things that popped up. We lost some members due to it and I thought that now that I am back it's a pretty good time to clear out some in-actives and recruit some new people. If you like pvp either perc hunts or koths, I usually participate in both. I try to help pvm when I can, sometimes I am just busy unfortunately, second in commands assist when I am busy usually. I'd prefer people 140+ but if you're close to that it's fine. I myself am from the US I play in the eastern timezone, we have people from Australia to the middle of Europe. Our guild has always been about expanding our members knowledge for the game and creating an active place where people can interact on a regular basis. If this sounds like something that you're interested in shoot me a PM here or in game at Giant-Blue-Monster. :]

    On behalf of the team "Waiting For.." I would like to say that our team is dropping out from the tournament. Sunday due to conflicts in scheduling several members of our team couldn't make the fight and when we tried to re schedule the other team flat out said no, so we had to proceed with a less than ideal setup. Going forward the scheduling conflicts on Saturday and Sunday will continue to be a problem for the team and we have decided that simply removing ourselves from the competition is the best course of action. We ask that our team be removed from the upcoming round three bracket. Thank you.

    I am sad Uthman didn't reply first :[
  4. Catseye Achievement Leeches

    Tenderly did a good job. Didn't take many tires, clear instructions.
  5. King Nidas Statue/Trio leech

    11/10 Tenderly tells you clearly what to do. Didn't take many attempts. Was available to do it when I was, even if it was 4 AM her time. I would recommend this.
  6. Buying 2% fire res exoed Hammerture

    Bought please close :]
  7. Buying a good 2% fire res Hammerture. Has to have pretty good overall stats. Looking to pay between 23-25mk can be higher if the mage is really good. Pm me here or in game.
  8. Buying Catseyes Axe with res exo

    Bought please close :]
  9. I am looking for a Catseyes axe with either 2% water or fire res exoed onto it. All of the other stats of course must be good if not atleast decent. Paying 25-30m. Contact me here or in game.
  10. Rushu's Top Leeching Service!

    Clint leveled my brothers iop from 67% to 199 to 200 in about 3 hours, Was pretty amazing.
  11. Well best of luck to you moving forward dude. This game seems to wear down everyone's will to play eventually.
  12. Looking to buy range or crit exoed Malitiamen Hat

    Bought please close.
  13. Looking to buy range or crit exoed Malitiamen Hat

    Bump still looking, if anyone wants to attempt and make me a range exoed one we can negotiate a price might be worth your while :P
  14. Looking to buy range or crit exoed Malitiamen Hat

    I'm still looking willing to negotiate prices or go higher if needed. Message me here or in game at Giant-Bluemonster
  15. As the title says I am looking to buy either a range maged Mali hat or a 2 crit exoed Mali hat. Willing to pay anywhere between 15-32mk depends on the stats obviously as well as the range exoed one being more exspensive. Pm me in game at Giant-Bluemonster if you have one you might be willing to part with.