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  1. Galica

    Kralove Opening Thread

    We should try to open it today, how about 18DUT?
  2. Galica

    Kralove Opening Thread

    Hi, i need to do kralove too, pref today/tomorrow
  3. Hi, Im looking for people who need or who wants to help me killing Groomit (boss from In search of Al Ive quest) Post your IGN here or /w galica-raz in game.
  4. Hi, 6x Name Change Potion 1.5mk/ea 1x Colour Change Potion 500kk/ea 3x Sex Change Potion 1.5mk/ea /w galica-raz or pm me here Edit:All potions have been sold.
  5. Galica

    Kralove opening this saturday ?

    I'll join to you guys with pleasure :)
  6. Galica

    Rushu Dimension Portal Positions

    Srambad: [-26,36] 128 uses
  7. Hi, I would like to sell all that mats for 25mk, if you are interested /w galica-raz, or just post here. http://imgur.com/LIYnZlu Edit: Items sold
  8. Galica

    Kralove Opening Thread

    Hi again, we have opened kralove at last saturday but because of roll back we have to open it one more time We are going to do it on saturday (09.01.2016) at 17:00DUT, Thanks for yours help, and i hope we will do it again.
  9. Galica

    Kralove Opening Thread

    Hi, on saturday (02.01.2016) at 18:00DUT we will be trying to open kralove, everyone who want to help us are welcome.