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  1. Bohemia

    Advent Calendar 2018!

    My previous post was a joke; which you don't know what it means, cuz, for some strange reason, you assimilate with "personal attack". Nevertheless, I wish you and everyone else reading this thread happy holidays. Someone else please pick up on posting answers and prizes, cuz it got bitter-sweet for me now.
  2. Bohemia

    Advent Calendar 2018!

    If you knew to read dots aka " ... " , you'd know that "Better late than never ..." means "Better late than never to know that unless you got licence for a 3rd party program, you can't use today's gift." .
  3. Bohemia

    Advent Calendar 2018!

    Better late than never ... ... DAY 7
  4. Bohemia

    Advent Calendar 2018!

    [EDIT] : Oups, I forgot ... Day 6 !!!
  5. Bohemia

    Advent Calendar 2018!

    Ask, and you shall receive ! Or, like we say in my country, the lamb who doesn't cry, gets no milk from his sheep mom.
  6. Bohemia

    [EVENT] Echos Drawing Contest

    May I suggest picking the winners on August 8th ?!
  7. I was hovering on left side, trying to select from there, before hovering on right side first.
  8. Oooooooooooooooooooooooook ... silly question, but it is midnite soon, and I hardly slept in the last few couple of weeks, my brain is like a boiled cabbage atm :/ But where exactly do I have to click, to make a specific reaction? Just above, I wanted to put "love it", and I got "like" instead. Also, can we cancel our reactions, or change them?
  9. Bohemia

    [EVENT] Echos Drawing Contest

    Ummm ... Since the event notice doesn't say if any means of writing are forbidden, then I am happy to present you a fabulous "8" written with ketchup, surrounding some fried eggs that I am about to have in a few minutess for breakfast (even if it is past noon ...) . Enough posting for now for the moment! I'm hungry !
  10. Bohemia

    [EVENT] Echos Drawing Contest

    Ok, so this is for fancy pretentious delicate butts only: precious extra soft fluffy 8-ed toilet paper, with glitter glue pens & metallic pens hand made unique design. Big % off discounts if you are in my guild, or if you're in the same alliance where I am, or if you buy by 8s. No refunds.
  11. Good morning. I was thinking for a while to make contest/ event related to Fleaster, which, of course, should have taken place around Fleaster time. I wrote about it on my feed sometime ago, asking for opinions/ ideas, and @Quadro suggested to post about it here. Thanks. The idea was that participants should post drawings made in Paint only, related to Fleaster in general, with or without some additional Dofus reference too. The choice of drawings in Paint only (no sophisticated photo editors, no images imported from around the web) was made to give an equal opportunity to a larger number of possible participants. I'll post below some drawings I have made, in 5 - 10 minutes each. Why am I writing about it so late? Well, I was "lucky" enough to get pneumonia, still recovering from it, I've been rather sleepy and tired most of the time for the past 2 - 3 weeks. But I still want to do this, when I get a better. But now it is a bit late to do a contest/ event centered on Fleaster (only). So the next idea that I've been cooking was to make an event around some of the holidays from Dofus, since I love the temporary game content, and I always end up wishing that said content would last longer. For now, the Dofus holidays that I am thinking to include, in 3 series of the event, each with 3 prizes, are: - Fleaster - Vulkania - Kwismas. The top 3 for each season will be decided by a jury, not by "likes", which couldn't be implemented on Dofus forums anyway. The stuff I have hoarded for this event is mainly composed of Ice Dragoturkey Harnesses and various incarnations. It is still WIP, but I thought that the event will have 3 seasons, 1 for each Dofus holiday mentioned above. The prizes that I can offer at the moment would be 1 Ice Dt Harness and 1 random incarnation to first 3 master pieces from each season. (If I sell more stuff in markets and if I manage to get my hands on some good deals before I have the final version of the event, I could maybe add more seasons, like Al Howin or Saint Potrik.) I am still considering some aspects on how it will work: - 1) Should I do the event on Imps Village only, on Dofus forums only, or on both at the same time with prizes for both in this latest case? - 2) How long should a season last? 1 week / 10 days / 2 weeks? - 3) Would the prizes be interesting enough to motivate a few people to do a quick Paint drawing related to the season to which they participate? - 4) How many entries should be allowed per participant? 1 only / 2 / unlimited ? - 5) In the case that the event would run on both Imps Village and Dofus forums at the same time, should a player be able to get a prize on both platforms with different drawings on each, or only on a platform? - - - (I might add more aspects on which I haven't taken a decision yet, as they come to my mind.) Any suggestion or idea would be greatly appreciated, either by sending me a pm, or answering on this thread. Many thanks in advance.
  12. Bohemia

    [EVENT] Echos Drawing Contest

    Lil question: How many entries are allowed per person ? Cuz I just thought of another "8" .
  13. Bohemia

    [EVENT] Echos Drawing Contest

    I hope that Glitter Glue pens also count.