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  1. Good morning, Again, the [ C6 - JUN ] has came in last day of June, I'm sorry about it, I am terrible with deadlines. https://www.dofus.com/en/forum/2-general-discussion/338990-c6-jun-when-dofus-gods-look-away-dofus-children-will-play If your character would like to share 3 screenies (coming into the world on twelve, childhood and current time) together with a few sentences for e.a. screenie to tell his/ her story, feel free to particpate. Good luck!!!
  2. Good evening, If you're into kitties, if you have a kitty, if you can get your hands on your neighbors'/ bff's / etc kitty for 2 mins ... or if you can't any of the previous, even if you can draw a kitty ... then this contest is for you! https://www.dofus.com/en/forum/2-general-discussion/338872-c5-may-when-mice-away-kitty-will-play GL @ all !
  3. {wip} [ C4 - APR ] Do you like chocolate? If YESSSSSS, tell us why ? ] {wip} https://www.dofus.com/en/forum/2-general-discussion/338723-c4-apr-do-you-like-chocolate-if-yessssss-tell-us-why Little contest, especially for chocolate addicts like me!
  4. I am lost ... Do you want me to replace prizes with bwork used protections? Do you want the recipees to include used bwork protections? I can't do first tho, I have used already mine, on both sides ; ) I can get probs from some www.shop.dot some natural sheep guts ones, if you'd like? : D
  5. Good evening. New month = new contest. Imagine a dish with 7 ingredients from Dofus, say what it does and what its ingredients do ... ... and you can win some ceremonial pets: Skrull, Osamscot, Salar. https://www.dofus.com/en/forum/2-general-discussion/338307-c2-feb-happy-bday-me-xd GL @ all. Deadline: February 21, 2021, 23:59 DUT
  6. Good afternoon. If any of you fancies a sadida or cra dragoturkey harness, or a rogue seemyool harness, then feel free to participate at the new contest from Dofus forums : https://www.dofus.com/en/forum/2-general-discussion/338224-c1-jan-still-winter-fall-red-skies-gleaming-oh-sea-gulls-flying-over-swans-floating-smoking-chimney-tops-i-dreaming Or if you hate/ mistrust using links, just go: >>> Dofus forums >>> General discussion >>> post [C1-JAN] It's (still) winter-fall, red skies are gleaming, oh // Sea-gulls
  7. My previous post was a joke; which you don't know what it means, cuz, for some strange reason, you assimilate with "personal attack". Nevertheless, I wish you and everyone else reading this thread happy holidays. Someone else please pick up on posting answers and prizes, cuz it got bitter-sweet for me now.
  8. If you knew to read dots aka " ... " , you'd know that "Better late than never ..." means "Better late than never to know that unless you got licence for a 3rd party program, you can't use today's gift." .
  9. Better late than never ... ... DAY 7
  10. [EDIT] : Oups, I forgot ... Day 6 !!!
  11. Ask, and you shall receive ! Or, like we say in my country, the lamb who doesn't cry, gets no milk from his sheep mom.
  12. May I suggest picking the winners on August 8th ?!
  13. I was hovering on left side, trying to select from there, before hovering on right side first.
  14. Oooooooooooooooooooooooook ... silly question, but it is midnite soon, and I hardly slept in the last few couple of weeks, my brain is like a boiled cabbage atm :/ But where exactly do I have to click, to make a specific reaction? Just above, I wanted to put "love it", and I got "like" instead. Also, can we cancel our reactions, or change them?
  15. Ummm ... Since the event notice doesn't say if any means of writing are forbidden, then I am happy to present you a fabulous "8" written with ketchup, surrounding some fried eggs that I am about to have in a few minutess for breakfast (even if it is past noon ...) . Enough posting for now for the moment! I'm hungry !
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