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  1. i really want a menu that will stay on the top, even when i scroll a lot down on my page. any solution for that ?
  2. Hello everyone, Im from germany and im searching someone who can help me with some codes, html etc. Im not sure if its the right word in english. I hope you understand :D Im building my website and im not 100% happy with it, maybe some codes can help me. So feel free to send me a privat message for more information :D
  3. great ! thx haha so easy but so effective <3
  4. Hello everyone, hope this is the right section :o im playing Dofus on a Mac and I have problems when im playing 2 or more accounts at the same time. The problem is ,imagine im online with 4 accounts , all in 1 fight : acc1 turn he doing some attacks, when I'm not switching the windows of the accounts it will get laggy. I have to go to window 2 with acc2 to see the attacks what acc1 did in this round. So what im trying to say is, its like when im not on the dofus windows they were freeze. So I have to click everytime on all windows. 2Accounts its okay, but when im logging 4-5 or more its awful. Hope someone understand me and can help me. For more Information just write :D i need your help please haha
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