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  1. If Henual doesn't work out for you head on over to Eratz and message 'elderwiss' or 'cadderly' in game. Cadderly has started a nice little niche of English players.
  2. I second this. I was browsing the 'Post your goals and achievements' forum and some dude playing on the live server just finished a full set that was a bit dated and and some older gear. He was getting ripped on for is damage being 'low' and having outdated equips. I wanted to post pics of me hitting bench marks on 1.29 but after seeing those comments I gave that a second thought lol. I feel that there are enough users here to keep a 1.29 screenshot thread going if we sticky it.
  3. I have seen some players running around with Godfather gifts such as the Black Dragoone or any of the Piwins or even the plain Gobtubbty. The only way I can think they got these is that they were available in the shop for a limited time and aren't any longer. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. Under the Edge still recruiting? I was formerly a 200 Cra on Rosal before the merge and have been playing since around 2007. I am currently an Intelligence based Cra on Henual named 'Elderwiss' and would love to find a guild to grow in. My current schedule is a bit weird with work. I am a tax accountant so busy season has most of my time but when I am not here I am playing Dofus.
  5. I saw this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-7MJzdwdzg&ab_channel=AncientSpiritsDofus But unfortunately I was having trouble translating for MAC. Is it even possible to do? I was able to copy the 1.29 music files into the 2.0 music folder but could not find the .txt file for the life of me. Any help would be great. Thanks! ~Bontamerchantant
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