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  1. Killem-All


    Guys last time I asked u about Iop , I made him str/int as u said. Now my second question is my enutrof. So i've got 200 iop int/str and I need to equip my enutrof , I want these 2x characters mainly on PvM (f3 etc) What would u suggest to equip and what should i max on character points? Thanks a lot :)
  2. Killem-All


    And what about characteristic points? How much should I give on str etc?
  3. Killem-All


    Hello everyone ! I need to know what kind of iop build is the best? Please give me some advices , I need him for doing f3 dungeons easy as possible so focus on PvM guys :)
  4. I meant on rosal =) it's really impossible to get any kamas on that server
  5. The problem is nowadays its not possible to sell even runes so how do you want to sell souls or so expensive breads :D
  6. Guys so for example , What team made from 5 characters is best for dungeons nowadays? At this moment I see that -Enu 200 full vit/mp rape -Eni 200 int/full heal (standard) -Iop 200 omni -Panda 200 -Eliotrope Now my dear friends Ill be so happy if you would like to give me advices for that set-up. I mean that i totally have no clue about sets I should use to ! Please brothers and sisters make me sets on these accounts ! I just need PvM and all hard dungeons ! Love you ;)
  7. Hello everyone.I need to ask you about best team for PvM. I would like to know which characters together will be best choice for making hard dungeons ( Frigost 3 for example). Actually I've got : 200 enu str 200 iop str 199(almost 200) panda 200 sadida,(on the same account 199 xelor as well) 200 eni int 200 sac agi 187 cra leech 199 enu chance . I just need to make new dungeons easy as possible. what classes are best for that? Notice that i am able to change everything only for get my point which is complete f3 dungeons. Thanks for help !
  8. Which items are best to crush nowadays?:)
  9. What do you mean? Resources from that dungeon are expensive?
  10. Don't joke mate please. I seriously need help :(
  11. Hello everyone . I had very long break from game , not sure but ~1 year. Before that I used to get kamas from making a lot of DP souls then seeling them , or just by making kwakwa dungeons . Now I have some free time and finally I am able to back. I have got few accounts : 200 enu , 200 eni , 200 sac , 200 iop, 200 sadi ,199 panda etc. I want to learn how to do new dungeons and enjoy the game. But there is a one big problem , i literally have no idea how to get kamas nowadays! Please guys , try to be helpfull maybe I will be able to help some of you. Which profession is best? or maybe there is a dungeon hunt like few years ago was Crackler for diamond stones and 1 year ago like kwakwa.. Please guys help me !
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