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Everything posted by Quadro

  1. Quadro

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    hi, i did my best: https://www.dofusplanner.com/0NwPd/, but sadly agi equips sux at lvl ~100 so i couldn’t think of anything else
  2. Quadro

    LF unique guild!

    join pletinum, absolutely spam-free, ppl there do nothing but zaapsit and afk, and u can also get bullied and roasted 24/7 xddddddddddd recommended 11/9
  3. Quadro

    Wa Ofool's Crown.

    pls have babies with me dropzer ^___^
  4. Quadro

    Official "What team should I use" Thread

    i’d suggest sram, invis/traps/fear can always help a team, double can also tank mobs if u have lock, also sram is easier to play than elio/xel u mentioned
  5. Quadro

    Official "What team should I use" Thread

    eni is always a nice partner for almost any class, in ur case eni can give ap and heals to cra while cra would be the main dmger, in fact i’d choose eni if i were u u can also choose enu, mp red can ensure enemies are faraway and also power buffs can aid cra a lot or any other class which has heals or protection or mp red can do the job if u want smth different
  6. Quadro

    Post your "owning" pictures here!

    but ava was never about pvp, only about ganging
  7. Quadro

    Wa Ofool's Crown.

    hmmm but account-liked items can be put into bank unlike char-linked items
  8. Nomarow + tf is best set
  9. Quadro

    Kwismas Spirit

    no was asking for my friend ^____^
  10. Quadro

    Your funniest Dofus moments

    are u sure he didn’t solo ilyz 5 loot with his cra and drop gucci stuff alone? :^)
  11. Quadro

    S> Kolossoken Scrolls

  12. Quadro

    Kwismas Spirit

    leech monika plox )))
  13. Quadro

    Population on 1.29

    omg so 508 cras were also a thing in the past
  14. Quadro

    Post your goals and achievements

    why farm kralove when u can 508 nidas kappa :^)))))
  15. Quadro

    Post your goals and achievements

    yes pls sue ankama for 10+ years scemmed and wasted on this gaem :^)))
  16. 3 filzpunkte too crush svp :^)
  17. Quadro

    Random Screenshots

    use favoritism now kappa :^)
  18. Quadro

    Do You Like Fun?

    tbh this is lit af
  19. Quadro

    This gets on my tits

    pls, sadi has a tree spell which can attract u by 8 cells every turn (unless i skipped them getting nerfed?) also infected is bae ^_____^ also with decent mp rape sadi can also rape all 3 mobs with paralyzing bramble each oh and with a tree u can hit jackal then lure it away with tree, or lure boss with tree oh and with a tree u can allow xel to have smth to create telefrag with (e.g. str xel punch+ray combo) oh and a sadi can also swap places with boss with mp red if surrounded by mobs while xel could also teleport away leaving some summon (e.g. accomplice/cawwot) as a bait for mobs oh sadis can also heal if needed ^___^
  20. Quadro

    This gets on my tits

    f but don’t give up, u can do it с:
  21. Quadro

    The last rock

    ok then a stupid question, are u sure u have all the mats? if i recall correctly one might possibly accidentally use mineral or alteration potions to lvl up miner and then forget about them
  22. Quadro

    The last rock

    try equipping dofuses and retalk to npc
  23. Quadro

    The last rock

    do u have 4 dofuses (orche, turq, crim, eme) in ur inventory? if that doesn’t help then also equip those
  24. Quadro

    S> Crocobur