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  1. I’m no longer an active user but I still stalk Imps from time to time and the users decline has always been noticeable and slightly depressing but it’s actually very understandable. I remember I joined Imps back then because unlike the official dofus forums there were lots of pro players I looked up to on Imps, lots of advanced info, tips, guides, explanations for both PvM and PvP were available, and the community seemed to be actually involved in the gameplay (I mean people would rather discuss how to beat the hardcore dungeon than mindlessly complaining about everything like on t
  2. Not only that, different orders also give different quests, 5 quests each order, be sure to do them before u change ur alignment :^)
  3. Idk about retro but in 2.0 prespic didn’t fail blitz/focus/1st/last
  4. more liеk [Click here to apply to Pletinum Team Solo]
  5. nice qued-quit xdddddddddddddddddd w8 this is not clickb8 tho tldr: I’m quitting, bye :^) Full text: Dear ImpsVillage Forum users, I bet most of you have already noticed my absence both in Dofus game and on the ImpsVillage Forums. This post is not supposed to change anything in my life or your life. Instead it will have solely an informative purpose where I would like to make it
  6. w8, but if mobs hit themselves u dont fail blitz
  7. now use those exos for sinks to fix dmg :^)))
  8. hi, i did my best: https://www.dofusplanner.com/0NwPd/, but sadly agi equips sux at lvl ~100 so i couldn’t think of anything else
  9. join pletinum, absolutely spam-free, ppl there do nothing but zaapsit and afk, and u can also get bullied and roasted 24/7 xddddddddddd recommended 11/9
  10. pls have babies with me dropzer ^___^
  11. i’d suggest sram, invis/traps/fear can always help a team, double can also tank mobs if u have lock, also sram is easier to play than elio/xel u mentioned
  12. eni is always a nice partner for almost any class, in ur case eni can give ap and heals to cra while cra would be the main dmger, in fact i’d choose eni if i were u u can also choose enu, mp red can ensure enemies are faraway and also power buffs can aid cra a lot or any other class which has heals or protection or mp red can do the job if u want smth different
  13. but ava was never about pvp, only about ganging
  14. hmmm but account-liked items can be put into bank unlike char-linked items
  15. no was asking for my friend ^____^
  16. are u sure he didn’t solo ilyz 5 loot with his cra and drop gucci stuff alone? :^)
  17. omg so 508 cras were also a thing in the past
  18. why farm kralove when u can 508 nidas kappa :^)))))
  19. yes pls sue ankama for 10+ years scemmed and wasted on this gaem :^)))
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