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Everything posted by Quadro

  1. Quadro

    Random Screenshots

    nice ex-donald-trump
  2. Quadro

    Post your goals and achievements

    cuz the more chars in fight the stronger rhines become, since u are solo that rhine is prolly weak af and i bet nobs be like bringing 8 loot af :^)
  3. Quadro

    2018 World Cup

    nice novichok gift for the winner
  4. Quadro

    2018 World Cup

    np ez, russland will surely put in nice effort to win
  5. Quadro

    kralove openining

  6. Quadro

    Dofus Art Gallery

    hi diz iz ma best mage and it haz more wiz, jelly ?????
  7. Quadro

    Vulkania/Kwismas Reset, quests

    no achievement resets including dungs
  8. Quadro

    Vulkania/Kwismas Reset, quests

    all quests are reset but achieves aren't, consider them to be repeatable quests, if u redo a quest with exactly same quest name u wont gain +1 quest towards quests achievement (but if u for example do [Vulkanian Shplinter for Amateurs] + [Vulkanian Shplinter for Specialists] + [Vulkanian Shplinter for Experts] (which are same quests but for different lvl) u'll get +1 per each quest aka +3 in total in this case) ofc it's better to do all quests within 1 year to avoid having to redo them next year astrub is irrelevant here, the reason every1 had to do astrub quests again is that from the technical point of view it wasn't a "revamp" of astrub but instead it was a "brand new" astrub (just like any new area/content) while old astrub was deleted; that's a complete opposite of vulk/kwismas since every year it's still the same unchanged islands/areas/contents
  9. Quadro

    Dofus Dungeons - Blog

    well, asking for a non-guaranteed game which targets a smaller audience in exchange for their main game which is btw their main income source is also egoistic if only ankama could make new games while maintaining the same devpower it would be tolerable, but it's clear that ankama is not that big of a company, and spreading tiny forces amongst different projects would bring zero result in every project 1 more important note: from my experience ankama clearly has good artists, all of their arts are beautiful outside of context, but the game content never meets the advertisement expectations; just compare all games' teasers/trailers to the actual game; just check all dofus promo pictures compared most of sale products; with the above knowledge one wouldn't be wrong to suspect the possible poor quality of ankama's new projects, considering even dofus itself has numerous features to be fixed lastly tot and briss are amongst most stubborn ppl ever and their opinions aren't changed easily (e.g. compare dofus breeding feedback to breeding update), which means if they actually abandoned dofus dungeons it means they have realised themselves it wasn't an effective project
  10. Quadro

    Dofus Dungeons - Blog

    oh w8...
  11. Quadro

    Post your goals and achievements

    omg full achieve dazak p.s. both cra and sac had freedom achieve before already, else the screen could have been more sweg :^)
  12. Quadro

    2.47 Livestream

    u shouldnt revive pet, instead after killing pet u go to oshimo npc and trade him ghost + eni powder for a completely new kwyness but note u'll lose mimi if it has one (ceremonial doesnt count)
  13. Quadro

    2.47 Livestream

    the official forums claim they replace an already existing mob or just hold up an empty spot
  14. Quadro

    Kralove Opening?

    #justiceforlao #f
  15. Quadro

    Monster's Spell Bestiary

    if u meant aurour dmg at the start of vortex turn then i think that dmg is based on % of each char's eroded hp
  16. Quadro

    Monster's Spell Bestiary

    i bet mobs have both a certain amount of %power and +dmg as well; yeh i'm not 100% sure but here's how i think it is: i'll make an example of sidekicks - long time ago there was a sidekick tab where u could see the stats that each of sidekick had (which btw skaled depending on lvl), and it was clear that sidekicks would have %pow, +dmg, and also +2ndary stats separately (like ap/mp red/res, lock/dodge, crit/heals) idk why ankama removed sidekick menu but i'm sure sidekicks has same stats aka at least both power and fixed damage, that's why i assume mobs would have same logic and surely have fixed dmg bonus
  17. Quadro

    Monster's Spell Bestiary

    how can u expect such info from ankama when they clearly dont know effects themselves and allow so many cheats in game (such as elio portal + merk before it got busted, anerice + old mp poison vertigo before they changed it, iop vit + 1st achieve, etc etc)
  18. Quadro

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    u need to save sets in dofpla manually now, no more autosave
  19. happy birthday junnsim

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