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    > u talked to an admin > ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha > u dont even know who is admin
  2. AE61e99.png

    zomg imps village achieve goalz much sweg :^) (^: :^) (^:

    1. Rob


      Only March 5th? Weak.

    2. Quadro


      reported for cyberbullying


      enjoy having fun avec best zobal rushu

  3. hai kikneur am ur biggest fan ^__________________^

    since new imps software = new features ples gibe moi an early custom imps title right away ty xoxoxo :^))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    1. Rob


      only 25 posts to go!

  4. Dofus 2.46 Changelog

    h rip osas now weakest class delet
  5. Dofus 2.46 Changelog

    slight nerf to sadi's shake but no other major nerfs that's all i need to know :^) #doublesadibestduo
  6. Prevent relisting on sellrooms

    i dont think it would be fair; so for example u wanna sell "item X" for Y kamas so u put it in market for Y and patiently w8ing for it to be sold; but then in Z days a random mofo (like me) also wants to sell X for Y kamas; and some1 else buys his (or my) X instantly while u have w8ed for Z days and still sold nothing; just cuz of a lucky randomising "a random mofo" sold X w/o w8ing while u wasted Z days for nothing; would that be fair? how is that helping the economy? actually it doesn't improve or change the economy any bit but it would give "a random mofo" a slight time advantage over u
  7. The official newbie question thread!

    unlike pvp where enemies can actually blitz u turn 1 with numerous attack patterns if low res, in pvm mobs are limited to approx. ~3 spells which usually have different limits (low range or minimal range, linear, # casts per turns) as well as a limited ai, so in pvm it might be possible to avoid being hit partially or fully hence making ur 50% res unnecessary in most of pvm cases (which is even more true with 2.42 endgame nerfs), so in pvm investing in dmg is usually better than sacrificing dmg for unneeded res, not to mention that a glasscannon set w/o tons of res is usually cheap (unless u have dope set with dofuses/exos/mages allowing both dmg and high res) and also, they say best defence is offence, if u kill mob before it plays its turn (aka blitz or almost blitz) it will mean it wont have a possibility to deal dmg to ur chars at all; but anyway since u already have a %res set and u also pvp - u don't need to change ur set into more dmg and less res - since as i said dungs are nerfed so not having top dmg isn't lethal; tho i agree 30-50% res for every char in pvm is overkill unless u are playing full tank char like panda :^) tldr res is not bad just not always necessary in pvm
  8. Post your goals and achievements

    omg solotage piwi is real
  9. like if u cri about profession bonus not working in arena cuz that's the only place you have always been lvling profs at ayyy
  10. Brak quest lvl 55 help

    go to bonta library again then talk to npc and click "leave" like in ur 3rd screen (again just in case), then manually exit the library (on foot, w/o potions or any tp) and u should get that npc follow u, then hand over npc to oto
  11. Show off your new colours

    w0w so adorable *____________* luv u kikn <3 kikn <3 kikn <3 am ur biggest fan ^_____________________________^ even got a special imps background just for u =*
  12. Subscriber rewards/benefits auto assigned

    omg now bobe can make every1 happy with fairyworks bleu in fraktale ^____________^