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    treps are geyn't if u sey h0m0n't
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    loving Kikn lots and lotsies hehe :3

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    Quadro, Kikn-Fan, Monika

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    I love Kikn

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    I love Kikn
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  1. Quadro

    Ochre Dofus

    i think the optimal way to get souls is both farming by urself and buying missing ones using kamas u gain while farming; imo just play casually (for example treasure hunting) and soul every arch u come across (even doubles), make money at the same time to buy missing archs
  2. Quadro

    Ceremonial pets

    1 up from amakna vill zaap buy pls xoxo
  3. Quadro

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    inky with 7 dmg, the owner can crush :^)
  4. our own life is a big survival game :^)
  5. mods are busy banning sapeuh and volca for using ankama’s own imbalanced spells ^_____^ also cherche a company that can actually revamp mf dung *cough* not ankama *cough*
  6. Quadro

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    it’s ok, no filzpunkte for it to be called perfect anyway ^_____^
  7. Quadro

    Post your goals and achievements

    xddddd doubt it’s necessary tho, it could have been cadence instead of carbine in the exact same situation xd i also almost wanted to complain him detonating green bomb vs mob at turn 33 which would also fail freedom but then i rechecked that moment and i believe mob died before mp rape took place so i guess it’s somewhat fine :^)
  8. Quadro

    Post your goals and achievements

    rip freedom with carbine tho xd
  9. Quadro

    How long does Dofus have left?

    @Woof-Zwei not ougi, but ...
  10. Quadro

    Hello there

    w8, how can u have friends from rosal if rosalt doesn’t exist, hmmmmmmmmm
  11. Quadro

    How long does Dofus have left?

    i disagree that u need a specific class compo to beat a certain invulnerable boss dung; the spell variants as well as new equips (such as shields) allow all classes to be effective in various different cases, not to mention the nerf of most of endgame dungs; could you give an example of a dung and a class compo that struggles with it?
  12. Quadro

    IV Speedruns: Discussion

    i wonder who wins, can’t wait for the results!
  13. Quadro

    How long does Dofus have left?

    the truth is that dofus is cancer, it’s just that we love cancer (c) :^)