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  1. Quadro

    Monster's Spell Bestiary

    how can u expect such info from ankama when they clearly dont know effects themselves and allow so many cheats in game (such as elio portal + merk before it got busted, anerice + old mp poison vertigo before they changed it, iop vit + 1st achieve, etc etc)
  2. Quadro

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    u need to save sets in dofpla manually now, no more autosave
  3. happy birthday junnsim
  4. image.png

    heh nice contributor 

    1. Quadro


      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    2. Rob
    3. Quadro


      amg imo we need new reaction on imps now - sad face

  5. Quadro

    Random Screenshots

    omg sub for 4+ years inb4 ankema go benkrupt sooner :^)
  6. Quadro

    Random Screenshots

    how do i join the amberina cult ???
  7. Quadro


  8. and no filzpunkte
  9. Quadro

    kralove openining

  10. Quadro


    lost dimension more liеk foundn't dimension (trololo2222) Just-Monika
  11. Quadro

    Which damage cause [Achievement : FOCUS] to fail?

    all ally poisons of any kinds will fail focus (that includes all poison examples u've written); pb is however a bit different, i haven't tried it for a long time but i remember that years ago when i did kannibal focus if krobax pushed a 2nd mob it would not fail focus if that mob wouldn't be killed, aka if u deal pb dmg to 2nd mob but don't kill that mob it will be equal to not dmging it at all, but if u deal pb dmg and kill mob the focus will fail; u should still test it now cuz maybe it was changed; also any dmg that an enemy deals to another enemy (like for example rampant bearb) never fails focus/blitz/each_to_its_own(or however it's called), so such things as dim modifs like long-liaison/explosive_dissapearance or even fraktale mobs reflect effect shouldn't fail focus cuz all that's considered to be enemies' dmg and not urs; still u'd better verify everything cuz ankama made numerous changes that might have affected stuff; ilyz glyph didn't fail focus last time i did it; also if u deal 0 dmg u also dont fail focus/blitz (not only if ur dmg sux but also if ur enemy reduces dmg) - this can be abused to erode a mob to 1 hp, for example i recently did blitz grohlum that way, i'd just mp rape grohlum so that it would gain 8000 linear res and i could slowly erode boss to 1hp while still technically dealing 0 dmg to boss, then just release kill and ez blitz :^) also if u are in pacifist state u can attack any1 and it wont fail due to 0 dmg; if mobs dmg share i think unfortunately u fail focus; tldr if it wasn't changed u can deal pure pb dmg to mob w/o failing focus unless u kill it or bring feca with truce and erode mob when dmg reduce is active hue
  12. thanks for ur work! may i however suggest separating different type of mounts into different sections (like weapons) now that we got 3rd mount type? i think it might be more convenient to search for a specific colour mount, ty
  13. Quadro

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    rip heilung

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