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  1. Note: Poll will be taken down for evaluation on Sunday the 13th of December, and the series will being on Monday the 14th.
  2. My sram's set: http://dofusplanner.com/uw2te/
  3. Greetings all, In the near future I plan to make a series based around a new character, and it's adventure to endgame. (In a nutshell). I just wanted to get feed back as to what you as a potential viewer would want to see. Key things to note: ~ I will start with 0 kamas and have to make money through plausible methods: Professions, etc etc (Not taking money from other alts) ~ I will not pay for subscription with said money made etc ~ If I decide to start with mediocre or OP gear, all gear after that point will be made/purchased though "legit" methods: Crafting, etc etc (Not taking gear from alts that wasn't allowed at the beginning) I hope for this series to begin within this week coming, and for it to both be streamed on Twitch.TV and then uploaded to YouTube. Also, if there are any changes or ideas you have for this type of series, make sure to let me know. Thanks for any feedback! YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV1a_cM4h2auru1q_UG6uag Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/justjacktwitch
  4. Hey all, So I am in need of a Dofus overlay that I can use to both record and hopefully stream. I personally am not horrible with the likes of Photoshop, I just have no idea how to approach making a Dofus overlay. I will be paying 2mk to who ever provides me with a "professional" looking overlay within a reasonable time period. (Not to fear I have at least 2mk on Solar/Rosal/Rushu/Shika/Zato - could probably get some ogrines on the international servers if needed) Specifications: ( * = required) - Incorporation of the color RED * - Incorporation of my logo and/or "Jack" "Just Jack" * - Incorporation of my Iop - Christmas theme (not over the top) Have fun, be creative ~ Jack :)
  5. Sounds like a pretty funky combo, make sure you let me know how to comes along. ^_^
  6. That could be interesting, on another note - any idea when your next video will be up Sacrive? :rolleyes:
  7. Nice! I'm thinking something along the lines of Str Iop, Intell Eni (Heals), Agi Sram, Intell Feca... Any input as to whether having intell eni/ intell feca is a good idea :s Thanks.
  8. Sacrive, what would you suggest to take the osa's place?
  9. What elements would those classes be? :)
  10. Hey guys, I am looking at starting up my team again, but this time with only 4 characters. And I was just wondering what some possible good combinations I could use. - I want element versatility - A good hunting/dungeon team - 3 of them to make a good kolo team ​Thanks for any suggestions!
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