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  1. He logged 3months from today but good point-.....-
  2. Maybe they will give gems like with proffessions, you will be auto 250?(if you are 200now)
  3. You think the prizes going to raise again? And what about Dofuses? (same question)
  4. Noobile


    When is transfer a character to another account is going to be in shop again?
  5. Anyone knows when transfer a character to another account service will be in use again?
  6. with new transfer a character to another account option you can have them both
  7. Noobile

    Qot dung

    Does anyone got a screenshot of an empty qot dung map?(without mobs/chars on it) PLS send me picture if you do, rly important. Ty
  8. Is anyone else constantly gettng dc after a while? they need to repare that so we can xp...
  9. Noobile

    Team colours

    Was wondering what do you think, for the team better to be same colour or different? Make arguments for both and if you got any exemple show me, ty!<3
  10. I am interested what would be the best team for any dimension (200's ofc), if it is possible to be 6man max(preferably 4-5 but 6 is ok too) Also want to know best team for f3 and f5 same conditions like above...ty
  11. Can someone explain, if i got this right, if i want let's say 200char and already got 2accounts with 200's, i can lvl up noob with x2(3(4 xp and then just transfer one of those noobs on other account? Is that possible?
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