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  1. Summary & Translation of the video: Introduction: The girl is a fan of board-games. She went to a Festival in Cannes and had the opportunity to test the Dofus Cube board game. About the game: - They played 1vs1 matches - They could choose between two classes Xelor and Ecaflip - Board is of 6 x 6 size, you start by placing the character in opposite corners of the board - The hero is your main character, if your hero dies, the game ends even if summons/sidekicks are still in game - Most important card is the hero card, gives you info about: HP, Damage, Range and 2 attacks specific to the class. For example, Xelor: +2 damage per Sinistrofu in game and AP reserve (stack AP, use them any turn), Ecaflip: more damage depending on the amount of ennemies next to him, rolls a dice: 1 = -2 hp to the Ecaflip, 6 = picks a card. - Xelor has 2 range, Ecaflip had 0. Range is fixed. The Xelor, which had 2 range cannot hit at 1 range or more than 2, he can only hit at 2 range. No Line of Sight, no Lock, no Dodge - Every hero has 2 MP - MP and actions are played in 1 time. Either move and after action or action and then move. Not both (use 1 mp, action, use remaining 1 mp) - When a spell is played, it goes back to a deck - AP correspond to the small blue dices, 6 AP's per turn, they are used to cast spells - Each summon has different spells, AP's, MP's, Damage - Elementary bar that you can charge, 1 point corresponds to a small golden dice. If you have a certain amount of elementary points in a stat, you can summon a sidekick. 4 different sidekicks per player. - Each sidekick has different abilities. - To summon "Yugo" for example you need 2 strength elementary points. - It's very important to keep track on how you charge your elementary bar. - You have to create your decks taking into account which combos are the strongest. - IMPORTANT: Dofus Cube video-game might come out as a first version by the end of this year (November-December 2018). Dofus Cube board-game in at least a year (February-March 2019)
  2. The game client was updated on 01/23/2018:
  3. Selling various pets from Dofus Pets: All types of Bow Meow and one Godron. You can check my merch on [-2,-1]. PM me here or on discord for special group priced if you want to buy more. :) Seyif __________________________________________ Update 1: Measured Bow Meow sold. The rest are still on sale. You can find me at [-2,-1]. I'm going taking offers for the pets. PM me here or in game or on discord and we can negotiate something! __________________________________________ Update 2: Brakmarian Bow Meow sold. __________________________________________ Update 3: Lowered Price __________________________________________ Update 4: Bontarian Bow Meow sold.
  4. The one you bought for 42,420,420 kamas? Inflation rate is higher than the Bitcoin one, damn. ;-) PS: 65 000 000 - 42 420 420 = 22 579 580 kamas - You would make more profit out of Ivory dofuses.
  5. No I didn't, I guessed he was going to sell it for a higher price. Sold it to someone who would actually use it. Anyway, I'm just leaving this here. :)))
  6. That was expected, nice joke
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