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  1. I learned recently that you stopped using discord account so I wonder what you been up to besides updating the game's wiki? Are you sure everything's ok?

  2. Hi, I made a small tool that can converts certain information from dofus.com encyclopedia into wikia format in the click of a button. I'm putting it here for reference so I can link this on the wikia itself. I'll add screenshots and a small guide at a later date. Any bugs or errors don't hesitate to contact me! I can also be found on the dofus wiki --> https://dofuswiki.wikia.com/wiki/User:Saiftey I plan on updating this to include more features in the future. Guide 1. Download AHK (autohotkey) 2. Download this file - Also a dropbox link will be attached which will always contain the most updated version 3. Run this file using AHK Link to the file that always contains the latest version --> https://www.dropbox.com/s/3xcvmeyd7v51rvg/Saif's Dofus Wiki Editor v1.00.ahk?dl=0 Saif's Dofus Wiki Editor v1.00.ahk
  3. Hey Bochi it's Saif here, how are you? 😁

    1. Whale who buys lootboxes

      Whale who buys lootboxes

      go back to cheating in cs seif

    2. Saiftey


      I am not that Saif, I am a different one. The one you are referring to is probably "Ultimate-sensation", that's not me.

      I hate that I have to make this distinction all the time because that kid has a bad rep..

  4. Saiftey

    Dofus Wiki Discord Chat Server

    Hey, *edit* - the dofus wiki discord server is discontinued. *UPDATE* I have finished making a program that instantly converts dofus.com encyclopedia information into dofus wiki format. It's user-friendly and simple to use for everybody. Head over to the Dofus wiki discord server for a small guide + the file. (Not sure if it's allowed to post download links in this forums) Attached is a screenshot to see what it looks like.