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  1. Zeldarck

    New idol calc

    For Idolgen it exist an Eng version : https://idolegen-1.appspot.com/idolegeneration/en#calcul I have done few update in the last day, feedback are welcomed
  2. Zeldarck

    An Idol App to help you

    Translation is complete :D
  3. Zeldarck

    An Idol App to help you

    Hi, I am a french player, I created an App for Idol Combination: http://1-dot-idolegen-1.appspot.com/idolegeneration And I make a translation of it (not finish yet): http://1-dot-idolegen-1.appspot.com/idolegeneration/en You could react on official forum : http://forum.dofus.com/en/2-general-discussion/318879-app-help-you-make-idol-combination have a nice day :)
  4. Zeldarck

    After idol setup for F3 bosses

    I beginning a topic in official forum to not flood here :) http://forum.dofus.com/en/2-general-discussion/318879-app-help-you-make-idol-combination
  5. Zeldarck

    After idol setup for F3 bosses

    Hi, I am the creator of the website, I can try to do an english version of the website if you think it's could be usefull for you :) If one of you ever got a .csv file, .txt file or better an .sql file with all english name of idol it's will be cool to accelerate the translation of my database EDIT: I have begin it: http://www.idolegen-1.appspot.com/idolegeneration/en#calcul I just need now to make database with all effect translate, all name of Idol Translate and Dungon master translate If somebody want to correct my english I am open to it :)