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  1. archieblacknwhite


    I feel the same, I stopped on my MP Tritun ring on 1158 tries. Have prev landed an AP one in 1074 tries.
  2. archieblacknwhite

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    nice censure
  3. archieblacknwhite

    Buying Vulbis Dofus

  4. archieblacknwhite

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    @-Siegfried- https://www.dofusplanner.com/e68fq/ I'm not sure but I think that's still the best one out there.
  5. archieblacknwhite

    Buying Vulbis Dofus

    bump raised price
  6. archieblacknwhite

    Buying AP Tritun Ring

  7. archieblacknwhite

    Buying AP Tritun Ring

  8. archieblacknwhite

    Buying AP Tritun Ring

    Min. stats: Vitality 390+ Wisdom 35+ Earth Res 7 Water Res 7 Lock 8 AP Res 8 Cri Dam 19 Psh Dam 11 I'm willing to pay 24mk for these minimal stats and more for something better so do not hesitate to give me an offer.
  9. archieblacknwhite

    Ebony Dofus speculation

    @ElMatematico According to Ankama's logic it's gonna be 8% melee damage if you don't start next to an enemy and 8% ranged damage if you start next to an enemy. XD
  10. archieblacknwhite

    B> Aspen Sap

    Paying 10m for it. /w Elinor or PM here
  11. archieblacknwhite

    Post your goals and achievements

    Probably the last one here, but hey, it still counts, right?
  12. archieblacknwhite

    FML - Dofus Version

  13. archieblacknwhite

    Ogrine prices

    Yeah, I'll try, thanks.
  14. archieblacknwhite

    Ogrine prices

    I haven't tried, but might be it, since I have a char on Crocabulia on that other account.
  15. archieblacknwhite

    Ogrine prices

    Does anyone have any ideas why is this? So on the first picture below this is my ogrine market on my main account: https://gyazo.com/3ce078fa251d8824ac7cc6101570351d And on the second one, that's ogrine market on my other account https://gyazo.com/f3a7d43d711225c7f5ad55ee4694d298 Both screens are taken in a span of less than a minute, so I'm kind of confused.