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  1. archieblacknwhite

    Buying vulbis Dofus

    You could at least see the topics that are gonna point you it's somewhere north from 400, but good luck!
  2. archieblacknwhite

    Day of the Assasins

    @Pagonis That was it. Thanks!
  3. archieblacknwhite

    Day of the Assasins

    It's supposed to be outside, around the temple. I have looked 5 maps away on each side on each char from each class temple and nothing
  4. archieblacknwhite

    Day of the Assasins

    Trying to find the Assasin to fight, but can't see him around my class temple, tried on all my chars and nothing. I've completed the Fatal Weapon btw
  5. archieblacknwhite

    Perfect Tritun Palms 3% Air res +1 range boots

    @Rayish People who don't mage just don't see it with the same eyes is a way to put it.
  6. archieblacknwhite

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    @recale Not sure if this would be too expensive, but if it's a pvm only build, I guess it's not too bad https://www.dofusplanner.com/U7cOK/
  7. archieblacknwhite

    Selling Ivory Dofuses

  8. archieblacknwhite

    Speaker for the dead

    Thanks a lot, my loves
  9. archieblacknwhite

    Speaker for the dead

    So I somehow managed to die on this super easy fight on my enu because I forgot to put the damage set on. Anyway I couldn't figure how to get back in the cave, cause there's no NPC to talk to, to get in.
  10. archieblacknwhite

    Selling all my runes

  11. archieblacknwhite

    Bring Sarah (Wink-Wink) home

    Rest in peace my dear friend. Gonna miss you.
  12. archieblacknwhite

    Selling Ivory Dofuses

    bump 5 to go
  13. archieblacknwhite

    Selling all my runes

    Hi, I'm clearing my entire bank of runes. Just for the sake of guidelines I'm gonna say 100m or best offer. Pm on here pls.
  14. archieblacknwhite

    Selling Ivory Dofuses

    Hi, I'm gonna have my 8 ivories soon exchangeable. 2 left Send me a message if you want to one. 90m each no nego.
  15. archieblacknwhite


    I feel the same, I stopped on my MP Tritun ring on 1158 tries. Have prev landed an AP one in 1074 tries.