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  1. B> Elemental Fragments

    1mk each -Sorcery
  2. Friend List troubles

    isn't the case for me , a friend of mine messaged me telling me something's wrong with the FL , lo and behold I couldn't find him in my friends list and I was just talking with him a few hours back before he got removed after the update.
  3. Fulminating Arrow

    Just saw it in action against the summoned brambles of Poison Amy , was satisfying to watch lol.
  4. B> Aspen Sap 3.5M

    I used to farm these saps pre-variants got around 5 within a week and each got sold from 18-25m
  5. Fulminating Arrow

    ah just like piercing arrow from wakfu , they should make an animation for the bounce , they're probably aiming for a chain-lightning esque mechanic but failed to show in the animation lel .
  6. Fulminating Arrow

    It's just like Explosive Arrow but trades 1 more cell aoe and is limited to 1 cast per turn for more damage IF there are other targets caught in it's area of effect (size of celestial sword) , doesn't deal damage to allies even if they're within the aoe not sure if it applies the damage bonus though.
  7. Merry IMPSMAS 2017!

    Enjoy your milk, Satan Santa.
  8. Cara-Heally [Echo]

    xD pm'd my alt telling me that I was him LOL , idk why Ankama doesn't ban this guy even with tons of proof provided.
  9. Spell Variants

    so when's the beta? xD
  10. [Guide] Catseye Dice farming

    just a basic guide for catseye , nothing special .
  11. Spell Variants

    dayum aoe infected state , finally xD
  12. Trick or Treat! (Costume Contest & Scavenger Hunt)

    Dantinea's Daughter? xD
  13. Third Water Fragment <Buying>

    to that guy who tried to sell me x18293718923789123 the price , here's from me to you xD. - got all what I need , please close thanks!
  14. Third Water Fragment <Buying>

    Paying Min, 1.5mk pm me in game -Sorcery
  15. Girl vs Wild - Dofus 2.41 Changelog

    "New effects on the final damage caused or sustained are added. These effects can be recovered via new runes by breaking shields. These runes can be used on other equipment than shields. " burst meta , fuk res exo and go for final dam exos now? @_@