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  1. Thinking of selling it around 30mk , willing to negotiate tho.
  2. Both are Males , looking forward to trade em for different type of Gen 2 , Male or Female , must be Fertile or near. 0/2 for 0/2 and 1/2 for 1/2. PM me in game. -Sorcery uhm shit I may have posted in the wrong thread. Yep I probably have. Halp
  3. Oh god what a masterpiece @_@ I'm envious , I want one
  4. Orchid , Crimson , Ebony are sold. Indigo Left. -Sorcery
  5. this mount got sold , Ryu pm me in game. Please close the thread :D
  6. isn't the case for me , a friend of mine messaged me telling me something's wrong with the FL , lo and behold I couldn't find him in my friends list and I was just talking with him a few hours back before he got removed after the update.
  7. Just saw it in action against the summoned brambles of Poison Amy , was satisfying to watch lol.
  8. I used to farm these saps pre-variants got around 5 within a week and each got sold from 18-25m
  9. ah just like piercing arrow from wakfu , they should make an animation for the bounce , they're probably aiming for a chain-lightning esque mechanic but failed to show in the animation lel .
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