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  1. the new agi set is actually pretty good for a pure agi pvm rogue, can combine it to be better than the current options available for that build so it's far from useless.
  2. Everyone is saying about 12ap for a hupper, thats not a must- yeah you can combine your 3ap spells for 2 effects, but it's pretty easy to do the same with 11 via activating runification and planning ahead with elemental shield and other spell options, spreading states and such is pretty simple with 11 ap, getting +2ap from your ap buff is easilly acheived aswell. Ideally you want decent resistance. I find 6mp is a must for the class though, range is a extremely important stat for the class as well. Resistance reminds me of the old pandas, as high as possible but remember your %resistance buff, with hupper if elemental shield takes you past 50% the -5% per hit is taken of what is over, so if you have 50% pre shield and then apply it, you'll never have less than 50% from the -resistance part. Dodge and lock is very dependant on the class your fighting, some require lock and other dodge is more preferable. AP and MP reduction are very valuable but more so in a dual element build albeit stilll very useful for a omni set up. Summons and heals are barely needed on a hupper, there healing spell is % based and they have no natural summons which are counted via +summons except for dopple, so 2 is typically fine. Init is as with every characther dependant on the rest of the team/what your doing. Vitality is a bit of a wild card, you have a method of applying %hp shield, 10% with one fire state consumption and 20% with 2, making vit a really attractive stat for the class, how high is down to personal preferance but I feel that pure vit is not going to be the way to go on the class. Wisdom is a very useful stat, you should not go out your way specifically for high wisdom items at the detriment of other stats but ensuring your wisdom is maged high on all pieces and not around min will make a large difference to the class. TLDR 11/6 is fine,and I much prefer it, if you use runifications and plan your spell order correctly(and you wan't to be triggering that spell often for the rather large stat generation). Range is a vital stat since alot of range boostable spells so as high as possible.
  3. You really don't need enis or enus, panda elio any class(rogues great here- ap,mp,power,damage buffs for the iop and ability to drop into dimensions like vortex and do the rogue method) and a iop is all you really need, as long as you have the panda elio iop core the fourth can generally be what ever you find fun
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