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  1. Apilot

    Timeless - goult scam

    hhhhhh who said that rosal has a chance of doing better than rushu in goult? I'm actually rooting for rushu cus it's the only international server that has a chance you idiot lol.
  2. Apilot

    Timeless - goult scam

    Isn't he also main xel? rip rushu he's just gonna dq his team rip. Potato boy has done it again!
  3. Apilot

    Timeless - goult scam

    You'd make some great memes man.
  4. Apilot

    Your funniest Dofus moments

    Right, this will be even funnier if you understood french, but basically the rogue was trolling. Then the sac in the other team decided to swap unmovable panda, the rogue noticed it and then after 10 secs forgot about it and failed, lmao it starts at 19:46
  5. Apilot

    Your funniest Dofus moments

    LOL i just got to the part where he destroyed the team with 15ap rip. Btw rogue could've killed the eliotrope ez idk why he didn't.
  6. Every day you're in my mind, wob, does it mean, wob, i love you?

  7. Apilot

    New to le Imps Village

    Thanks guys <3
  8. Apilot

    New to le Imps Village

    Thanks <3
  9. Hi! I'm a new imps village member, i'd like to thank Capngoat for introducing this website to me, and for helping me set up everything <3 Hellewwww to everyone. I'm Kabaym.