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  1. LongLostOptimist

    Kralove opening

    I have one arch left and I'm in the same boat. IGN: Sagan Edit: caught it!
  2. LongLostOptimist

    Official "What team should I use" Thread

    Thanks! It's good to know what the core is. I'll probably learn the dungeons with 4 (or 5) and then work my way up to playing with 8. :) This is *exactly* what I was looking for. Thank you! :D Yeah Ankama has never been great at balancing things.... It's amusing if you take a long enough view of the situation. :P
  3. LongLostOptimist

    Official "What team should I use" Thread

    What I Have Account 1: 200 Eni Account 2: 200 Sac Account 3: 200 Panda Account 4: 200 Cra Account 5: 200 Eca / 200 Xel Account 6: 200 Osa Account 7: 200 Feca Account 8: 200 Enu Account 9: 200 Iop Account 10: 200 Eni (2nd one) Account 11: 197 Masq / 194 Sadi Account 12: 196 Enu (2nd one) Account 13: 161 Cra (2nd one) Account 14: 143 Enu (3rd one) Account 15: 133 Cra (3rd one) Account 16: 129 Sac (2nd one) Account 17: 95 Panda (2nd one) Account 18: 90 Iop (2nd one) Account 19: 83 Eni (3rd one) What I Want Number of New Accounts: 0 (would just double up on the existing 19 accounts to get XP bonus) Goal: Optimal team for running all endgame dungeons. Leaning Toward: I hear Eliotropes are a good part of most teams now. Also potentially Rogues? Extra Comments: I quit right as F3 was coming out - flirted with coming back in the summer of 2015 but that didn't stick. Would love to run a team of 8 through hard stuff - used to do that with Frig 2 content. Open to all suggestions though; care more about being optimal with my time than I do about running with 8. Thanks for your time! :)
  4. LongLostOptimist

    Final Fantasy Online XIV

    This is accurate. I have max-level characters on two servers (to play with friends who won't transfer. Lol.) I enjoy it because it's a FF game, not because it's a particularly well-made MMO. That said, the quality of the expansion is far higher than the 2.0 game - the music and the art in particular are fantastic. And the story itself is much less grindy. But there's about 2 weeks of playing through the 2.0 content (if you are really rushing through) before you get there.
  5. LongLostOptimist

    12k Achievement

    Easiest way is to only put one gender out at a time if they are fertile or will become fertile because of the stat they are gaining. Most of the time (maturity, balance) you do not have to worry. Makes it easy to have complete control over who boinks whom.
  6. LongLostOptimist

    Android PC

    If they manage to fix the usability concerns (file format support, multitasking) while retaining the simplicity, then this could have legs for people who don't do anything but browse the web. My mom would be the perfect user for something like that.
  7. LongLostOptimist

    Coming back after a few years away - some questions!

    Oh hmm, that's really interesting. If xels have good MP manipulation that's way more useful than AP for current content. Will have to check it out. :P
  8. LongLostOptimist

    Coming back after a few years away - some questions!

    I did know about the weapon use restrictions, but thank you for clarifying re: weapon bonuses! That'll make my job a little easier for calculating the best sets to use. I don't think I'll mess with Xelor right now (might actually class-change it lol). With AP gone and their main source of damage (weapon) heavily restricted, it just doesn't seem that useful atm. Especially given the general uselessness of AP-withdrawl strategies on higher-level mobs. Only good thing unique to xelor atm seems to be their rollback spell... Good to know! But :( RIP Xelor, basically.
  9. LongLostOptimist

    Coming back after a few years away - some questions!

    Thanks for the info re: Nidas. I'm going to be working on clearing Frigost 3 (and getting the gear that uses those drops) before doing Dimensions. Is 8 really so bad to manage? I used to love having 11 geared characters and subbing in whomever I wanted. I might start by focusing on the core 4 and add from there, I guess. Thank you for the links! I started using DofusPlanner a few days ago, and really like it. Out of curiosity, what's wrong with the design, in your view? Thanks for the recommendation, I'll be sure to check out the posts in those threads. I'm looking exclusively for PvM/PvE gear - I don't PvP at all, and probably won't for a long while, if ever. I do miss the days of 16-20 AP - though I don't think I was using 2 enis to get there. 12 base + 2 from eni + 2 from xelor + 2 from osa + (random) from ecaflip. Meant that the 5 damage dealers who had hammers would all have 3-5 swings/turn. :P ============================================================== Random weapon question: do classes still get weapon-specific bonus/penalty? If so, does it make sense to include this in considering weapons? Or are there some that are just so much stronger that it doesn't matter?
  10. LongLostOptimist

    Coming back after a few years away - some questions!

    Thanks for the feedback! I'd like to work out an 8-character team eventually, because I'm used to playing that way and I like having lots of AP and flexibility :P But perhaps it's just a matter of which dungeon is being attempted at a given time. I'd definitely like to see some of the ideal setups! Currently working on getting ready for F3 dungeons (so using some of the sets that mix F2 items with older stuff in their recipes.)
  11. Note: Please move if I've posted this in the wrong section! It didn't seem to fit just in "what team" or "what gear" threads, so figured a new one was in order. I'm just coming back from a few years away from the game. I last played when Frigost 2 was the most recent content, and I farmed with a team of 8 (all 200): Eni, Enu, Panda, Sac, Iop, Feca, Xelor, Osa. I also have a lv. 200 Eca, Cra, Sadi, second Eni, second Enu which I subbed in for certain fights. So I have a few questions. First: what is the best team composition I can make from the above for doing Frigost 3 and the Dimensions? I've heard that 4 accounts (iop, eni, enu, panda) is now preferred to 8 for the harder content. Is that true? I also noticed on the Dofus ladder that some people were using teams of 8 and getting > 1 billion xp per day. How are they doing that? And then, once the best team composition is selected, what is the current best possible dungeon-spamming set for each character? When I last played, I was rocking Full Celestial Bearbarian + Hammers with (buffed) 18-20 AP (depending if Eca was in the mix). Is there a similar damage potential now? Or, if not, what's the best option? Note: I have 8 Ochre Dofus, 8 Turquoise Dofus, but currently no exo mages (other than a few AP/MP gelanos). Thanks for any insight you can give!