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  1. Post your goals and achievements

    Been a pvp iop pretty much the whole time throughout it's ups and downs. Had nothing to show for the most part since I was extremely busy with school and work lately. Finally got a break after graduation and starting new job. The timing of this could not have been more perfect as I go back to hectic life in 4 days. I can finally semi-retire in peace. Cheers!
  2. Gift Code Scam

    I don't know if all mods are volunteers, but they could atleast get free subscription to Dofus as a way to improve morale.
  3. Goodbye Dofus

    ciao Goj
  4. S> Ap exo Inky Veil

    nvm sold haha
  5. S> Ap exo Inky Veil

    aah accidentally posted in high lvl equipment. Can a mod be so kind to move this to epic please?
  6. Pm me here or catch me online. Asking price : 45mk, IGN: Oxisius 1 AP 344 69 66 32 3 1 9 10 10 10
  7. Alignment quest help thread

    Just did this fight yesterday. Succeeded with two different summons hitting the pathogerms. They must've fixed it.
  8. Post your goals and achievements

    Tempted as I am, I'm not gonna open that link mate. Perhaps try some alternative method of posting it here.
  9. Your Dofus Nickname

  10. hacked/goodbyes

    wtf is there some way to hide other people's display pic
  11. Alpha/Ogivol scammer new name

    lol jeri how are you so bad
  12. Quest bug?

    wtf sibee you are back?
  13. Buying MP Goulring

    can close
  14. Nothing shabby. 22 - 25m.
  15. Hello... It's me.

    you're better off not playing slow. too much new shit released and it'll take you forever to gear upto pvp standards. sucks for solo accounter.