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  1. bump, lot of near perfect exos still up for sale
  2. Lots of pvp stuff for sale. Get it before its gone.
  3. Hi is this the cool kids table?
  4. when you say it like that, seems as if Dofus is a job.
  5. Oxisius


    Let us consider each exo attempt as an independent trial with a probability of 0.01 Therefore probability of failure = 0.99 Let number of attempts 'n' = 600 Probability of failing 600 attempts = (0.99) ^ 600 = 0.002, and is asymptotically equal to 0 when 'n' increases. Where did you even get the idea that I was suffering from gambler's fallacy? It doesn't even apply here. I never said it was impossible, I said the probability is almost 0, which means that in case it happens, the exomagus falls under the very unlucky probability bucket of <0.002 Edit: Realized you probably thought I was thinking that just cos someone failed so many times increases his odds of succeeding. Give me some credit lmao..
  6. Oxisius


    Done 5 exos this past week. On average they took about 80 tries each. If the percentage success is still at 1%, probabilistically speaking, failing more than 600 attempts has almost 0% chance of happening.
  7. I tried to let this go the first few times I browsed this thread, but people keep bumping it and it's bothering me. Let me start by saying that I was born and raised in India, although I'm now in the USA. I've lived there for over 22 years. Dofus is one of the least popular MMO's in India. Literally no one has heard of it there, and the only people who play it are the ones who stumbled upon it on miniclip.com and somehow continued playing it. We may not be the most developed country, but I haven't ever heard of anyone selling their wife to any man. Prostitution exists, and girls are sold into the flesh trade, but not by their husbands. This is done by the mafia and goons. Most of these girls aren't married. This story makes absolutely no sense to me, because from what you described I can conclude these things: 1. He speaks English 2. He has access to the internet and discovered Dofus of all games 3. He has an understanding of economics from what it seems, as he's able to make a living selling kamas. The probability of him satisying these conditions and having a wife who would accept being sold to other men, is extremely microscopic. If these barbaric practices happen, then they are not conducted by men who are somehow playing Dofus. My point is, he was most likely trying to gain sympathy so you would let him sell kamas in peace.
  8. Pa vit triggers me hard. Overall not too shabby.
  9. Hello, I'm selling maxed out pets of all kinds. Can't list them here as not all of them are maxed out presently. Once you let me know what pet you need, I will max it out and sell it to you under market price guaranteed. Can't really quote a price as the final price will depend on the base price of the pet and it's rarity but just so we don't get a free reminder from the Rob God, I'll say 6-10mk is the typical cost range. Pm me here or catch me in game 8pm-11pm PST.
  10. Paying 10mk. Pm me here or catch me in game : Oxisius, Jaime-F-Lannister
  11. What baffles me is that Ankama has no concept of taking small steps to try and improve the game. Everytime they change something, it's like they had an epiphany and decide to completely overhaul some aspects of the game, and this approach deals in extremes. It's completely hit or miss. This also makes it difficult to take breaks from the game. People go on breaks for whatever reason, and once they are back, they see that nothing they possess is relevant anymore, and guess what, that break just turned into a quit. Why not start with baby steps? Take small steps and see how the community responds. My biggest issue with the game right now is how dead it is. I play on PST and log on after work to find the same 3 people online and absolutely nothing going on. Granted this timezone doesn't have the largest player base but certainly there are steps which could be taken to fix these issues. A very basic example would be to have dedicated players playing in different timezones(offered some compensation like ogrines) to organize some events on a frequent basis. There is no community right now whatsoever. Even if what I just said completely fails, it was a baby step and there isn't any irreparable damage done. Compare this to completely revamping pets (not their worst idea) but some 36 of my Croums and Scaradors just became worthless. Not only did I lose a lot of money, but I also have to spend more money into maxing out new pets. Why does everything they do have to be giant leaps of faith hoping that things will work out?
  12. Class: Osa Build : Agi Infinite Budget PvP build so please keep wis based stats in mind too. None of that 50% all res but 30 ap mp res stuff.
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