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Everything posted by Noo-No

  1. Selling following kek mages: Belt - 18 mk. Boots - 18 mk Cape - 22 mk Noo-no (can trade for 3% fire patho boots, cr res mages TF belt, 2% fire queen of fate cape)
  2. Dropped prices significantly, check sellrooms!!
  3. Noo-No

    Dofus 2.43

    ye cant log either
  4. Selling showed Belteen 16-20 mk, kideebonnet 13 mk (in sellroom) Noo-No
  5. Noo-No

    Buy AP Barbring

    You did not buy dolm for 25 i hope, they go for 18-20 usually.
  6. Noo-No

    Buy Bandijd Tooth

    got them, close.
  7. Noo-No

    Buy Bandijd Tooth

    Hi, I'm buying 48× Bandijd Tooth at 25kk each. /w Noo-No
  8. Hi, selling some nicely maged strength items. They can all be found in the sellrooms at the following prices: Cloak of a Thousand Excuses - 6 mk --> 5 mk Catseye Bow - 14 mk Heqaxe - 12.7 mk Koutolo Mask - 10.25 mk Treadfast Boots - 15 mk --> 12 mk Tash Ring - 25.5 mk Bearbaric Band - 5 mk Also willing to trade for one of following items: Tal Kasha cape/boots, Koutolo bow, AP Bearbaric Wedding Ring OR AP Nomarow's ring, Moum-Ra's Hood Noo-no
  9. Noo-No

    Sell overmaged strength gears

    Bow, Kouto mask sold. Willing to go down a bit (5%) in prices if u /w me in game: Noo-No
  10. lowered prices, tf boots 16 mk gein/belteen 19mk tash 24mk
  11. Selling some greatly maged items, prices are estimates. Willing to trade for water res exo'd tal kasha cape/shoes. TF boots - 18-20 mk Geins hat - 20-23 mk Belteen - 19-21mk Tash ring - 23-27 mk Noo-No
  12. Hi! Just got back to the game to check out server merge. Seems cool 'n all so I'd like to sell some stuff to change my character and buy some new equipment. Im selling a dolmanax at 20 MK fixed price. Also got the sexiest AP, +10 initiative Tash ring you're going to find, so that's 35 MK (can trade it for a perfect Hairsh ring AP exo). Lastly, I'm selling my flinty daggers since someone decided to nerf them to the max. They're still pretty insane (CHECK DAT VIT OVERMAGEEEEEEEE DAAMNNN). Not sure on the price of them since they range from 1-15 MK in sellrooms. What about 6 MK? Prices are up for (little) negotiation. Noo-No
  13. Noo-No

    B> Dolmanax

    Bought! May be closed. Thank you!
  14. Noo-No

    B> Dolmanax

    Paying 18 mk Noo-No
  15. Just Allister hat left! DISCOUNT TO 5 MK IN SELLROOMS!!!
  16. Hi, rogue adventure turned out to be not as fun as expected since I got no patience to build bombs and Int cras keep crushing my dreams. So I'm selling this top kek set. Prices are indications. Buy bulk and I can get some off. Allister crown - 7 mk Mantax - 25mk Indescribable cloak - 25 mk Jammy Jack Ring - 39 mk Bearbaric wedding ring - 33 mk Tritun Palms - 30 mk Menobelt - 30 mk Jammy Jack Collar - 15 mk Mssg me ingame, Noo-No
  17. Hat, Belt and Jammy Jack ring still for sale
  18. Noo-No

    Buy AP / MP King Playa Ring

    Mh, yea maybe youre right. Willing to go up to 45 if rlly sexy.
  19. Hi, I'm looking for either AP or MP maged King Playa Ring with (near) perfect stats: 245+ vitality 47+ strength 47+ intel 35+ wis 1 range 3 crits 12 / 12 / 12 damage 5 MP red 10% resis For these stats I'm willing to pay 35-40 mk.
  20. Cape / Jammy collar SOLD!
  21. Tritun Palms sold. @Pretzl would be 160kk for all then. (no boots)

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