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  1. Teign

    Kralove opening

    i'm going to try tomorrow
  2. Teign

    Kralove opening

    Hi all, I need to open kralove at some point and was wondering if anyone else needs to as well? if so shoot me a message and we'll organise something. cheers! IG: Teign
  3. Teign

    Buying Vulbis 400m

    Bought please close
  4. Hi, as the titles says. pm me IG @Teign or leave a message here, thanks.
  5. Hi, as the title says. Minimum stats: Ring: 240/95/5/19/10 Shield: 25/6/9/14, same for range one. Not 100% sure on price of ring so pm me but i'll say 50m for the sake of imps rules, 25-40mk for shield depending stats. Thanks
  6. Teign

    Erzal leech [Closed]

    completed it mate, please close
  7. Teign

    Erzal leech [Closed]

    Hi, as the title says. looking for an Erzal leech for 2 chars, i'm not sure on price so i'll say 4-6mk? msg me here or IG @Teign thanks
  8. Teign


    Seven Captain: - Player 2: - Player 3: -
  9. As the title says, not sure on price really so i'll say 4-8m each. Message me here or IG @Teign thanks!
  10. Teign

    Echo Tournament

    Is this still happening?